Hey Jealousy

Hey Jealousy

If you had a time machine and traveled back to the year 1996 to have a little visit with this girl on the right…

Alpha Delta Pi Christmas Party 1996

…and told her that at thirty seven years old she would still struggle with jealousy, she would be shocked.

I mean…jealousy! That thing that toddlers and drama queens and every sort of immature angst ridden teenager struggles with. How is this, in 2014, still a thing in my life?

On a side note if you traveled back to 1996 you should also congratulate Rachel and Paula on their incredibly attractive choice of dates that night. For real, hubba hubba. 


Don’t you even think about checking the Bible to see what it has to say about it. Oh, my, y’all, for real! Get that business under control Paula!

Ya know what does it to me? Other people’s blogging success. Isn’t that just the worst? Like, how can I be jealous of that? Why am I such a jerk?!

My friend Katie recently started a blog…and she is such a good writer. And every time I read her blog I struggle with being envious of how good she is. This woeful little voice inside my head says ‘She’s going to be discovered one day soon. Everyone will know her blog – they’ll share them and love them and she’ll know how to make her blog look good.’

And, y’all that’s a good thing. That actually does need to happen. Her blogs are blessings. People NEED to read her blogs. My blogs are from crazy town. You should probably not enable me by reading mine.

So, what do you do when the jealousy hits?

Well, first you sing that Gin Blossoms song from high school because that business is still good. Thing the second you do is just flat out pray about it. My prayer typically looks like this:

“Lord, I’m being so stupid. Please save me from me. Rescue me so that I may love people the way you want me to.’

Sigh. I feel better already.

Ya know, what would look good here? A picture of me and Katie. Darn it, I don’t have one! Well then, you’ll have to muddle through with a link to her blog instead. 

Top of the Rock To Ya!

Top of the Rock To Ya!

Hey you! Not to be all up in your business but if you live in or around the continental United States you should probably visit Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, Missouri. 

Top of the Rock Ridgedale

That’s because it is absolutely magnificent.

Top of the rock chapel

Full scale crazy beautiful.

Osage Restaurant

Top of the Rock is part of Big Cedar Lodge and has a golf course, a chapel, a natural history museum, several amazing restaurants and one incredible view…actually, several incredible views.

On date night at K-Kauai we decided to ditch the camp and head to Osage – the super fancy restaurant at Top of the Rock. We couldn’t get reservations but figured if the wait was too long we could eat at one of the other restaurants there. As luck would have it we walked right in and got seated at an amazing table. We chose to eat at Osage because obviously we are super fancy people. Ahem, moving right along.

The speaker at K-Kauai had given everyone an awesome date night packet with questions and activities for the night. Of course we left it sitting in the room so had to muddle through on our own.

Top of the Rock chapel

The restaurants are lovely but you don’t have to eat to visit. They have tons of open air seating with wood burning fireplaces all around. It’s the kind of place that everyone gathers to watch the sunset. Which makes sense because look at this sunset!

Top of the Rock Sunset

We tried to be all romantic with each other and get pictures of us kissing with the sunset in the background but they pretty much all ended up with us either laughing, making fun of ourselves, or focusing in on weird views of our noses.

Hey, look! It’s us.

No kissing and chins on women are apparently overrated.

Top of the Rock Sunset Osage

Oh, well. At lease we had these crazy good vistas to look at.

Top of the rock osage ridgedale

Yeah, you should probably go.

Top of the rock golf course

Maybe you could make the sunset kiss thing work because we certainly couldn’t.

I Think I’m Supposed to Say YeeHaw.

I Think I’m Supposed to Say YeeHaw.

Today’s burning questions? How the heck do you spell Yee Haw? Also, is it one word or two? Never fear trusty reader, I’m not even going to make you google it! It’s Yeehaw and it’s one word. I googled it for you. Don’t you feel better? Now, you have my permission to never write it, say it, or think it again. You’re welcome.

Kanakuk K-Kauai Western Night

I make no such promises for the word y’all because y’all, that word is downright useful.

The second night of K-Kauai was a themed night – Western to be exact. The kids had an awesome time at the Wild Wild West plain games and the parents got sent to the Tame Tame West to learn the Two Step. So. Much. Fun.

Dancing beside a beautiful river with no kids? Yes, please.

What nights are like at Kanakuk K-Kauai

After a couple hours the counselors brought the kids down and we danced together. Well, some kids danced with their parents. James and Henry weren’t having any of that. They found a sand volleyball game to join.*

Dancing beside Taneycomo

Whew! All this dancing is tough work! Let’s take a load off. 

K-Kauai Theme Nights

“I’m learnin’ the fine art of chewing hay.”

Kanakuk K-Kauai Family Camp

“Ugh, that’s disgusting! Who does that?”

Funny counselor K-Kauai Kanakuk Family Camp

Psychedelic cat on the counselor’s t-shirt says ‘EAT THE HAY.’**


*In the interest of transparency I feel compelled to say that only one kid joined in with the sand volleyball game. The other one found a hammock and lazed around.

**Y’all, I’m sorry. I know that cat has nothing to do with Western night but I needed to use it because it cracked me up. Dude was owning that shirt this morning.