Her Reign of Terror..

Ladies and gentlemen, 
Her reign of terror is over. 
Yes, after four days of chaos at nap time and bed time this beautiful box came in the mail. 
The crib tent had arrived. 
And before you get all judgmental on me let me just assure you that once a kid learns to crawl out of the crib they will choose to do so at very inopportune times. 
We learned this when the first minion was 18 months old. 
I woke up at two am to the sounds of a ‘robber’ creating havoc in our house. Upon further investigation I found our child sitting on the stairs eating a banana – with the skin still on. 
She was participating in the same sort of shenanigans. Crib parties at one am and the like. 
Oh, she was all smiles while I was putting the tent together.

Yeah! Tents are fun.”

The novelty wore off once she realized I was going to zip her up in it at night. 

Crib tents are a stupid idea.”

I’m not even tired.”

Does this look like a tired face to you?”

Well, it’s not. Trying to zip me up in a crib tent. It’s a dang travesty.”

Or something like that. 

Sweet sleep with the knowledge that my child is safe and sound in her crib…how I’ve missed you. 

Troubling Questions…

Tonight, dear readers, I have just a few troubling questions for you. 
Questions that come from the world of retail….
Questions that make you scratch your head and ponder…
Let’s get started.
Troubling Question, the first:
Air Hedz. 
Inflatable wigs for children.
I mean…
As a child I don’t think I ever said:
“Gee, if only I had an inflatable princess wig!”
Apparently, it’s “great for parties”, though. 
Troubling Question Number Two:
This comes from the latest book about the Bushes. 
And yes, my Wilson family, I foresee that someone will be getting this at Wilson Christmas. 
I don’t know who but I just know it’s gonna be under that big ole cedar tree.

Let’s look at the cover. 
Why are the Bush’s chins so itchy?
Shaving snafus? A practical joke involving itch powder?
I don’t know…
I think David Elliot Cohen, the author, potentially has some explaining to do because it’s looks like they are experiencing some major chin itchiness.
Number Three:
Also from the bookstore…

We now have a hugely thick volume dedicated to Vader on the shelves. 
Really, Star Wars fans, how much Vader do we really need?
Because, that is a whole lotta Vader.
And lastly, 
A question that has nothing to do with retail but is important none the less:
Why is there always one Candyland game piece in the Chutes and Ladder box?
Stick to your own kind, Candyland. 
Stick to your own kind.
Don’t bother me with your troubling questions”

And Then This Happened…

Thanksgiving in the country came and went and was completely drama free except for one little incident.
What’s drama?”

The little incident involved a wasp. 
Which, can I just say, is really apropos since I’m laying in a hotel room watching Bee Movie as we speak..er, blog.

The wasp was lazily sitting on the ceiling. 
…decided to be super manly and ‘take care of it.’
Go Mark Go!

Get that wasp!
Notice his sister in the background cheering him on. 

My Grandmother was highly entertained by the whole ordeal.
Actually, there was a bit more drama.
The two year old thought this Jack Russell Terrier was hilariously funny.

Hilariously funny and scary.

She loved it. 
And then the glorious spread:

Oh, how I heart the spread.
But why am still talking about Thanksgiving?
This weekend we’ve been in Auburn for the Iron Bowl.

Happy Times.

Except for the whole losing thing. 
No worries, though.
There is aways next year. 
Except for that poor wasp…
I’m happy to say Mark took care of that.