Vintage Auburn From the Attic, Part Two

Because we are at family camp – Woo Hoo – I’m doing a series of super short posts this week. 
Soooo, you can get excited about that. 

Yesterday the blog took a little trip to my parent’s attic and today we’ll take another. 
And let’s just be glad we are taking pretend trips because actual trips are really freaking hot. Also, my mom doesn’t like when I use the word ‘freaking’ – that’s all, just thought I’d share.
One of my favorite Auburn things I found in the attic last week was this kid sized belt. 
My plan was to take it…
Mwah ha ha ha!!!!

and give it to my minions but unfortunately the heat has turned it super crackly. 

How fantastic is this find?! Somebody totally wore this with bell bottoms and wide collars. 
The best find was this though: 
A t-shirt homage to the 1982 Iron Bowl. 
‘Bo Has Landed’ would probably have made more sense than ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ but it’s still a pretty epic t-shirt.
Now, dear reader, are you sick of seeing Auburn gear? 
Ohhh…I’m so sorry!
Here! You can see this instead! I found it in the attic too:
There! Is that better?
I thought you’d like the Auburn stuff. 

Vintage Auburn From the Attic, Part One

My parent’s attic is a veritable treasure trove of vintage Auburn University treasures. 
For example, here is my brother Robb’s 1986 Iron Bowl t-shirt.
Much love to this shirt. 
Much love to Jim Fyffe who immortalized the phrase ‘Tillman, Tillman, Tillman.’
Much love to Robbie for taking an ink pen to it. 

One of these days I’ll gain permission to tell you how Joey and Robbie, and their miscreant friends,  celebrated. That is, after I gain the assurance that any statute of limitations for punishment of crimes has expired. 

I can assure you, dear reader, that no drugs or alcohol were involved but a few bottles of spray paint may have been. 
And then there are the Tiger Rags T-Shirts. I haven’t purchased a Tiger Rags shirt in years but it used to be the first order of business when my feet touched Auburn soil. 

Remember, Auburn people? You’d have to buy yourself a shirt plus whatever friends back home had poneyed up enough money for one. 

Here is another thing I loved about Tiger Rags t-shirts: They taught me to be a good fan. Here’s why:  they weren’t open on Sunday. So, you had to decide before the game whether you wanted a constant reminder of the game. If you lost you were stuck with a t-shirt that you still had to wear. There were no fair weather fans at our house. 

And finally, for today anyway, the beauty that is this piece of 1982 Iron Bowl memorabilia. 

Pass Bama Pass, indeed.
Ya know…my minions just have no idea. 
I told James, the nine year old, about our family’s* trip to the 1982 Iron Bowl and how crazy everyone went when we won. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around why we would be that excited to beat Bama. 
In his mind, Auburn has always been better than Alabama. See, he was born at the beginning of Auburn’s streak against Alabama. 
And yes, he wore the t-shirt that said:
How’s it feel to lose the Iron Bowl? I don’t know.”

But only around other Auburn people I promise! And yes, I do feel like it’s terrible karma to do things like this – in fact it’s probably my fault that we lost in 2008.
It’s not my fault that certain things got spray painted after the 1986 win. Sadly, I was too young for those shenanigans too. 
*When I say ‘our’ here I really mean ‘their.’ I was deemed too young to go. This used to bother me and then I had kids and now I’m amazed they ever took me anywhere.

Rockin’ the Z28…

Well, kids I’m at K-Kauai Family Camp in Branson, Missouri right now. Because of that I thought I’d take the next few days to do some short blogs and highlight some t-shirts I found in my parent’s attic a while back. 
Because, you know, what else do we have to do?
Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to, the totally awesome, totally epic, totally vintage – before vintage was cool:
Z-28 t-shirt. 
Oh, don’t be jealous of this tee shirt! I know you are in awe of its sparkly goodness but try to keep yourself contained. 
Now the protocol in our family for what to do when you find something this perfect in the attic is to send the obligatory ‘this is yours, do you want it or can I steal it?’ text to my brothers. 
I was assured by both that I could have it but if it shows up on Ebay they want a cut. 
As if I would send that sweet ride to Ebay. No way! My seven year old is gonna rock that shirt out! 
So, everybody go check your attics. Something even more awesome may be waiting for you…