And then a Bug Crawled in My Ear

And then a Bug Crawled in My Ear

Camp Pigeon Roost a.k.a Cousin’s Camp started yesterday. Except for the unbearably unbearable heat, it was a great day.

Here’s the heat level we are dealing with:

IMG_4651It’s just that hot.

Apparently, it wasn’t too hot for this little guy, though.

IMG_4660We were gentle, I promise.

IMG_4664This is the before camp started picture of me and Mom. You’ll notice I didn’t include an after picture from last night. Billy and I are sleeping in a little cabin in the woods. Trying to go to sleep last night was brutal – it was so hot. The cabin has an air conditioner but it’s only big enough to cool one room of the house and that wasn’t the room we were in.

Finally, we got smart and took our mattress to the room with the A/C. Ah, sweet bliss. ; ) That is, until a bug CRAWLED INTO MY EAR! Shudder! Haha, as I typed that a big moth just landed on my shoulder. I guess they have accepted my as one of their own now.

The only way to beat the heat was with an excessive amount of water balloons. This guy was LETHAL.



There’s a fine art to the water balloon fight. The way I practice this art is to run and hide. Billy wasn’t so lucky.



Look, I’m already dealing with bugs crawling in my ear. I don’t need to deal with water balloons flying at me. It’s all good though because…





The Black Widow or My Eyebrow…

The Black Widow or My Eyebrow…

Father’s Day went well this year. You know holidays are always a bit of a crap shoot. And since one of my nieces has recently started reading my blog I’ll stick this in for her. Ahem…the definition of a crap shoot is an enterprise whose outcome is determined by chance. 

We made it to church ON TIME (yeah, that makes us pretty much rock stars), had a nice lunch at Phil Sandoval’s and went swimming. The in-laws came over for dinner to celebrate the holiday and to look at Billy and James’ Europe pics.

Somewhere around picture number three hundred, Stella was over it. I sent her outside. We had a sweet moment together looking out at the stars.



Great Scott, look at my eyebrow. It’s out o’ control. Well, Stella didn’t mind. As evidenced by the audio in this video, five and a half is a sweet age…sometimes.

That eyebrow wasn’t the only thing that was out of control this week. Look what Dad found while he was clearing out brush in the country:



Is that the biggest black widow you’ve ever seen, or what! So creepy.

Between my eyebrow and this black widow I’m not sure which was worse. Hmm…the eyebrow, definitely the eyebrow.

Why She Won’t Go to Sunday School

Why She Won’t Go to Sunday School

A couple months ago Stella started a Sunday School fast. As in, she wouldn’t go. She would beg for us to take her into the service with us where she would precede to make a nuisance of herself. Honestly, it was a big ole pain in my booty. This past Sunday, I finally gave up and carried her out of the service. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Stella, I know you don’t have fun in the service with us. Your teachers and friends are so nice in Sunday School. Why don’t you want to go see them anymore? 

Stella: I don’t want to tell you because it will make me sad…Last time I went they asked me if you taught me about Jesus and I had to say no and it make me feel uncomfortable so I don’t want to go back because they might ask me again and I’ll have to say no again.

I totally said it!”

Oh, don’t even feel sorry for her. This isn’t her first bull ride at the ‘my mommy and daddy don’t tell me about Jesus’ rodeo. Girlfriend told her school teacher the same thing a month ago. Minions!

After much cajoling, she finally agreed to go to Sunday School if, and only if, I would start telling her more about Jesus.

So, if you’re looking for someone to give the Worst at Telling Their Kid About Jesus award look no further.