Five Minute Friday: Remember

Five Minute Friday: Remember

I’m super excited to participate in another Five Minute Friday tonight! In case you don’t know, Five Minute Friday is a movement started by Lisa Jo Baker, the Gypsy Mama, as she’s known, where bloggers sit down for five minutes and write what’s in their heart from a one word prompt.

Now Gypsy Mama probably knows what the correct punctuation should be in in the above sentence because clearly that’s what we call a run on. That just goes to show that that really I have no business hanging out with this #FMF crew. They’re all like ‘love, peace, dreams’ and I’m all like ‘Hey! Yesterday a lorikeet bit me!’ That’s okay, though! It’s a fun experiment!

The prompt for tonight is the word REMEMBER.


Dear Minions,

Tonight I watched you get into an ugly fight that started with a unfounded accusation and ended in tears and recriminations. You are angry with each other and you went to bed seething and sorry. Words were spoken that will be remembered tomorrow. ‘I don’t like you!’ ‘I can’t wait ’til I have my own room!’ and ‘I’m never playing with you again!’ were all things that were said.

My boys, my hearts…


Remember earlier today when you helped each other with your homework? Remember last night when I overheard you plotting to trick Dad into crawling into bed with you? Remember when it worked?

Do you remember last week when you were separated by multiple states and you, Henry, remarked that ‘it’s just weird not having James here.’

Remember that time when you both answered on school questionnaires that you were each other’s best friends?

Remember when I told you I was taking you to the dentist but instead we went to Disney World?

Let’s go back farther, boys.

James, Remember when I told you that I was pregnant and you scratched your knee and ran off to play?

Remember how, from the moment Henry was born you were overly protective of him? Remember how, even now, we have to tell you ‘let us take care of Henry.’

And Henry, when James was a little mite he played with toy trains and Duplo blocks. You, though? You just wanted to play with James. No trains or blocks needed.

He was your favorite toy.

James, remember when you split your lip and had to get stitches and Henry patted your hand and whimpered because he hurt for you?

And boys, I know you don’t remember it, but when Mommy lost two babies you were a balm to my soul. A comfort. A blessing.

And remember when this thing decided to join our family?

God has richly blessed you with, not just a brother, but a sister as well! Something I longed for as a child!

Remember boys, the next time you are tempted to throw words like they are stones…remember that is not what words are for.

Steel City Pops

Steel City Pops

Two weeks ago my Mom and I traipsed around the Birmingham Zoo with two of the minions.

Once we’d wandered  to our heart’s content we picked up my nieces who live in Birmingham and went to Steel City Pops in Homewood. After all, we were in desperate need of a pick me up after The Great Terror nearly ate us at the Lorikeet exhibit.

Steel City Pops is a super hipster place that just sells, yeah, you guessed it, popsicles. Hipsters love popsicles. 

I am the Vulcan and I hold a popsicle!

The popsicles came two ways: creamy or fruity.

The flavors definitely were not your average grape and cherry. I tried the buttermilk. It tasted like cheesecake and was super rich. Hank got Vanilla Bean. It was basically like ice cream on a stick.

Twin one chose strawberry:


Twin two chose sweet tea:

The sweet tea was my favorite. It basically just tasted like, well, frozen super sweet tea.

Hank was a big fan of the Mountain Dew sign outside:

Mostly because he likes to say the word Innards.

I’m not a fan of the word innards or Mountain Dew because Mello Yellow kicks Mountain Dew’s butt.

I just spent sixty seconds trying to decide whether the word ‘butt’ was appropriate for my blog. Please send help because that’s sixty seconds I’ll never get back. 

I’ll definitely get back to Steel City Pops,though, because those things were delish.



Friday night we stole the oldest away from a field trip he was on in Montgomery and headed to Auburn. He was going with his class to visit the capital and I just couldn’t stand him being that close to Auburn and not getting to visit.

I have Auburn issues.

We stashed the youngest with the grandparents and headed out. Poor Stella, she’s just not well behaved enough to go to Auburn yet.

“This is a character assassination! I’m being maligned here!”

Character assassination, my foot. Five minutes ago she walked into my room and said ‘Mommy! Come look! I made supper!’ I went into the kitchen and every single thing from the fridge was on the kitchen table. Every. Single. Thing. This child is trying to break me.

So…I tried to think of some legitimate reason we needed to go to Auburn and all I could come up with was that there was a baseball game we could go to.

Which, if you know me, is pretty rich because I loathe, and I do mean loathe, baseball. How can anyone like a game that involves that much failure? Oh, look, another strike out. Yawn.

Baseball, it’s my sports nemesis.

It was more fun that I remembered it being, though. Sure, there were rogue balls flying through the air ready to attack anyone they could find but we made it out alive.

Maybe it’s all the wasted time that drives me nuts. Ya know how they have these big breaks between innings? I was all:

“Hello, you didn’t even break a sweat, get back to playing.”

Actually, I was all ‘Is it time to go to Niffers yet?’ because, yes, corn nuggets.

Saturday we drove around and looked at all the places we use to trounce about. The conversations went one of two ways. We’d come upon a landmark…

And either say ‘Oh, look! It’s Toomer’s!

Remember the first time you told me you loved me?


Oh, look! It’s Toomer’s! Remember when we broke up on that bench spring quarter and didn’t speak for a week.’

It all just depended on the mood I was in.

Yes, please. Let’s talk more about the bad decisions we made in college. That’s super fun.’

Even though I had to watch baseball to get my Auburn fix it was totally worth. Auburn, it’s not my nemesis.

Now her on the other hand…

“What’s a nemesis?”