The Fourth of July

I like the fourth of July. 
It may be my favorite holiday.
Ice Cream and fireworks.  
And puppies!
Technically the fourth of July has nothing to do with puppies but I love this picture of my niece. 
In our family Independence Day definitely involves cousins:
Goof off all day together:
Party all night together:
And what about the sparklers?!
I love sparklers:
Really whats not to like about the fourth of July?
One year we were in England on Independence Day and I gotta say it was a little awkward. 
Sorry about the whole revolution thing and all that.
They were good sports about it.
Another great thing about the holiday is there isn’t any pesky gift buying!
Last fourth of July we went to the lake and then drove to Smith Lake Park to watch the fireworks in the Jeep.
The minions love that Jeep.
We parked along side the road and waited. 
The boys quickly climbed on top:
and proceeded to accidentally kick us for the next half hour.
I decided I wanted to get one good picture of the boys.
Just one. 
That was all I was asking for:
“No pictures please.”

Attempt one:
What is that quirky look on the oldest boy’s face???
Attempt the second:
Middle child not looking…
Attempt number three:
Those are some big tonsils on my oldest boy. 
“Just give up, woman.”

Sometimes fireworks are really loud. 
When that occurs this also occurs:
“I’ll just sit here with Daddy for awhile.”

It’s okay, minion. 
In Daddy’s arms is a good place to be. 

We’re gonna need more margaritas…

So we had the opportunity in the Fall to participate in a fundraiser for an organization.

The fundraiser involved learning to paint something.

Okay, I’m being sketchy…

purposefully sketchy.

Oh, alright!

I’ll tell you what it was.

The organization was the Huntsville Auburn Club and the thing we learned to paint was Aubie.

Aubie is Auburn University’s mascot for the random person from Norway that visits my blog.*

I generally don’t like to talk about Auburn on the blog because I’m trying to be inclusive.

I don’t want to offend any Bama fans or just generally gross them out.

Here is my cousin Kathy on the left:

She is thinking: “She better not blog about Auburn.”

And quite frankly I wouldn’t want to read someone’s blog that was all “Bama this and Bama that” so I try to just not mention it too much.

But with this post it will be hard not to mention Auburn because it was a learn to paint Aubie class.

It was quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

Carole Foret was nice enough to teach the class. 

I first came across her work several years ago and immediately put it on my Christmas List.

I have one of her Toomer’s Corner pictures and one of her Samford Hall pic’s.

I’m presently obsessed with her “Cow College” picture.

It needs to come live at my house asap.

Seriously, its awesome.

Google it.

I’d put a picture of it here but it would probably violate copy write laws or some such.

Plus she is super nice.

Plus she has an awesome haircut that I could never pull off:

So here was the deal:

You pay $100 and you get dinner, a canvas and paints, and the opportunity to watch her paint a subject while you try to duplicate it.

So I went with a couple of my besties.

Oh, how I loathe that word.



It just makes me cringe – kinda like the word bucket.


I went with my cousins Kathryn and Laura Lee.

It was held at the roundhouse by the depot.

Which, by the way, is a fantastic location for an event – very pretty and open.

The decor was perfect – It looked like a really girly tailgate party.

There were hot dogs, desserts, cokes, margaritas and hunch punch.

After dinner we sat down at the easels ready to create our masterpieces.

Staring at those blank pieces of canvas was pretty intimidating.

Everyone just kind of nervously giggled.

So Ms Foret makes her first stroke on the canvas and then looks at us.

And thats when we realized it was time for us to actually put our brushes to the canvas.

So one of my friends leans over and…

Ya know that scene in Jaws when the guy says “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”…

Well one of the girls leans over and says:

“We’re gonna need more margaritas.”

Truer words had never been spoken.

That first stroke was the hardest.

After that it was just plain fun!

It was really interesting seeing how different everyone’s paintings looked.

Some people added football fields, words, fans etc.

By using a projector screen we could all see what we were supposed to be doing. 

The  whole event was SO MUCH FUN!

Here the entire class is:
with our completed works. 
My Aubie is very fierce. 
I had him hanging in the kitchen for awhile but he kept mysteriously getting moved. 
The five year old finally admitted he was too scary. 
Now he lives in my closet. 
He does look kinda fierce. 
Maybe its the whiskers?
They did get a little pesky.
Still the night was most definitely a success!
*So blogger has a feature where you can see where your visitors are from. Every few days Norway pops up on my list. So hello to my visitor from Norway! I love your ride at Epcot. 

Things I Should Be Yelled at For…

So lets make a little list shall we?
I think I’ll call the list:
“Things I Should Be Yelled at For:”
Lets start by talking about my Aunt Charlotte:
That’s her on the back of the boat. 
She and my Uncle Tom…
Wait! Rabbit Trail!
So my Uncle Tom…
Number one my boys LOVE him. 
Number two when I was a little girl he used to tell my generation of cousins that his Smallpox vaccine was a war wound he received while fighting in Korea. 
Because we were uneducated morons we believed him. 
“Did you hear Uncle Tom got shot in the Korean War?”

I can’t believe those little goobers believed I was old enough to fight in the Korean War.”

I mean I was probably 14 when I finally realized he didn’t really fight in Korea. 
That’s just embarrassing. 

So my Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Tom have two kids:
Rachel and son-in-law Rob:
and Thomas and daughter-in-law Jessica. 
Here’s Thomas:
Bringing in the roast beast at Christmas. 
And here is Jessica:
Playing with Stella and her dog Dobby. 
I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of them together. 
I was going to get one at Christmas this year but somebody decided to be troublesome and made me have to skip the whole celebration:
Oh, don’t feel sorry for her. 
She was fine. 
So Thomas and Jessica just got married in December. 
And this is where we get to the part about needing to get yelled at. 
See the wedding took place on the night of the SEC Championship game. 
There are no photos to prove it but I might have taken my phone with me.
And even though its unprovable I might have hidden it in the program and checked ESPN.COM a couple times.
If that did happen it wasn’t just me. 
Let me throw some others under the bus:
It’s my brother Robbie – checking his phone. 
And a couple people down someone else was checking their phone. 
Ya know where my brother Joey was?
That would be AT THE GAME. 
He skipped the whole wedding!
Talk about needing to get yelled at!
Thomas was no help at all.
 He made it quite clear that if he had been in our shoes he’d have done the same thing. 
By the way Jessica is absolutely adorable. 
She had to go out of town a few weeks ago and Thomas was like a lost puppy without her. 
It was super cute and made me and Billy say things like “Awwww…remember when we liked each other?”
Here she is again:
So you know who wasn’t checking their Iphone?
This stinkin’ baby:
She was happily reviewing the program.
I should be yelled at for these shenanigans. 
The second thing I should be yelled at for is not buying this tonight at Target:
I’m 100% sure he wanted to come home with me. 
And he was awesome.
The third thing I should be yelled at for is dressing my children like this for Easter one year:
What was I thinking?
That is awful. 
They look like they should be singing karaoke in a bar. 
On to the fourth thing I should be yelled at for.
Having my dirty feet so close to my newborn’s head. 
I’m not sure if you can see this in the picture but my toes were really dirty. 
I’m sorry Stella but I’m the only Mama you’ve got. 
At least you didn’t have to wear a Madras plaid jacket for Easter. 
Don’t yell at me. 
And I’m sorry I was a total turncoat on my brother’s tonight. 
I’m probably going to get yelled at about it. 
That’s as it should be.