If Wishes Were Ponies…

If wishes were ponies we’d all have a ride. 
We could forget the wishes and just pay $5 and get a pony ride in the parking lot of a strip mall in Missouri. 
I paid $5 for a pony ride…
 …in a strip mall parking lot…
…in Missouri.
I mean…yes. I probably am contributing to the downfall of society and animal rights everywhere by doing this but…
Come on!
Pony Rides!
And I know you’re thinking ‘it was 100 degrees’ and ‘they mistreat the animals’ but I promise this guy was totally legit!
I know I’ve read a million different things about not supporting this type thing because of PETA or whatever…
Pony Rides!
Seriously, just say the words ‘pony rides’ out load right now. 
Did you do it?
Well, trust me if you had you would have paid $5 too. 

Cowgirl loved it!
And the fact that she wasn’t even wearing shoes for the ride makes it all so much more apropos. 
He got in on it too. 
His pony even had a Batman cape. 
On the grand scale of things it’s unethical to pay for this isn’t even the worst thing I’ve done. 
Back in the day Billy payed $10 for me to get to hold a lion cub in the parking lot of the Opelika Mall in Opelika, Alabama. 
So, at least a pony isn’t an exotic animal. 
The pony ride really wasn’t that bad. 
Plus…we paid for our lack of ethics.
About an hour after this she got super sick. 
Projectile sick. 
‘Gross your older brothers out’ sick.
‘Do we really have seven more hours to drive ’til we get home’ sick
She’ll get you every time!

My, what a big skillet you have…

Look at the size of this skillet would you!
I think I need it at at home. 
I could try to describe the wonder of what was in it to you but it wouldn’t do it justice. 
Oh, why not try?
What else do I have to do?
*laundry, packing to leave camp, organizing, getting ready for party at my house Monday, etc…*

 They take squash, corn, red and green peppers, onions, okra (oh, the okra…), grilled chicken and tomatoes and cook it in the skillet. 
They then handed you this:
I then added Pete’s hot sauce. 
It was so good!
Look at those women, though:
Of, course it’s going to be good.
There is something about them being dressed in period costume that adds to the taste.
Note to self:
Spend more time at Silver Dollar City.


We leave family camp tomorrow.


In honor of that I present to you a list of oversized things I potentially need to steal from Kanakuk Family Camp:

Thing, the first:

I provided you with a picture of my feet to give you a sample of the size of these babies.
Connect Four.

I think my Dad could potentially make this.
Go, Dad, go.

Maybe if I had a set at home that was this big I would actually learn how to play. 
This skillet:

Okay, so maybe I don’t need this skillet but I kind of love it. 
I already have an oversized ladle.
See….the ladle.
You know when comedians are doing their thing and they tell jokes about women wanting to overshare all the time and all the men groan?
Yeah, that’s not really me and Billy. 
I’m not much of a ‘sharer.’
I’m not all: “lets share our feelings about this issue.”
I’m more of a “lets just assume he knows how I feel about this issue.”
Yeah…it doesn’t always work so well. 
Here’s an example:
This morning I looked at him and said “It really hurt my feelings when you blah, blah, blahed”
The ‘blah, blah, blahed’?
It was 13 years ago. 
That was the first time I had ever told him that it bothered me. 
I’d tell you what the ‘blah, blah, blahed’ was but it’s really not that interesting. 
See, it takes me awhile. 
Enter the ladle.
See, Billy is always talking about how he needs a big ole ladle to scoop stuff out of me so he’ll know what I’m thinking. 
One year at the local hardware store I saw a gigantic ladle. 
It must have been some sort of horse feeding something or other. 
I don’t know. 
But, I wrapped it up and gave it to him for Christmas. 
Now it’s hanging in our kitchen and he periodically threatens to use it if I don’t let him know what I’m thinking. 
Hello, Rabbit Trail…
Sheesh, sorry. 
What were we talking about. 
Oh year, oversized things. 
Here is something that was oversized that I’m not taking home with me:
This possum. 
I surprised him when I was heading to work out early one morning. He just looked at me like, ‘what’s your problem?’
So, the possum can stay.
We have plenty of those at home.