S’mores Code

S’mores Code

Well, I learned this weekend that I’m really territorial about how to build a proper camp fire. I just…I have no idea why, I just am. Of all the goofball things to get bent out of shape over! Clearly I need help because you should have seen me and my nephew arguing about whether the Log Cabin or the Y was better for S’mores. Sheesh, maybe I needed more sleep.

Friday night we went to Birmingham to watch my nephew run track and it was a late, albeit fun, night. Saturday we went to the lake and the country and enjoyed the signs of Spring.


Also had some impromptu driving lessons for the twelve year old on dirt roads on the farm.

On a side note, can I just say that my Mom is WAY more patient whilst teaching him to drive than she was with me! I’m telling you that woman was like a saint with him. I questioned her on it and she said it’s because ‘he doesn’t role his eyes at me.’

Can you believe that? Me? Roll my eyes…Clearly dementia is setting in because I was angelic as a teenager. Uh huh, angelic. Ahem…moving right along.

When my nephew Haden, the one who is wrong about the proper way to build a S’mores fire, got to the country he immediately started working. That’s just the kind of kid he is. Super encouraging and super hard working. Even as a toddler, if I was working on a project he’d stand beside me and say ‘Good job, Aunt Paula!’

IMG_2894After we trounced around in the country we went back to the lake and fished for a bit.


By fished, I mean I untangled lines while they wondered why the fish weren’t biting.

It was perfect weather for a fire.



All that marshmallow roasting prompted the question ‘what is the proper amount of toasting a marshmallow requires?’ Personally, the blacker the better. IMG_2911

I need four layers for my S’mores. Graham Cracker, chocolate, charred layer, marshmallow, and the other graham cracker.  Hmm, okay, so that’s five layers. Math ain’t my strong suit.

Haden had quite the system rigged up:

IMG_2913It actually worked really well.


He sat and leisurely watched over it while the marshmallow got nice and gooey. Here he is probably thinking big teenager thoughts about life, and the future, and when he can eat more Doritos because, ya know, teenagers.

He’s probably also thinking ‘See, my Y fire worked out perfectly. I told that crazy old woman it would.’

Touche, Haden, touche.


Stick Figure Easter

Stick Figure Easter

Ya know all those lovely pictures you saw on Facebook of everyone dressed up in their Easter finery? Yeah, well, here is ours:


Impressive, huh.

Y’all I don’t know what was wrong with me on Easter but I took two stinking pictures and that was it.

At least we dyed eggs.


Last year after Easter I went a little crazy at Target and bought a ridiculous amount of Easter paraphernalia – including three different dye packs and lots of lovely smelling vinegar.

IMG_2184The eggs turned out pretty well this year. And, that’s actually really saying something because last year’s eggs were downright scary. Nothing says ‘lets celebrate the risen Christ’ like a puce colored egg that looks molted.


See? Purty. Heck, those things belong on Pinterest. Uh, sort of.


Alright, so they aren’t so great. Just don’t tell her. She was crazy enthusiastic.



One of the things that’s been most successful in our family in the last year is a rule I instigated called the HOD. The HOD has been so successful that I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite rule in the house. Although No Tuck Wednesday is a close second. The only person who has to abide by the HOD in our family is James – the twelve year old. Hank and Stella aren’t susceptible to the rule…yet.

What is the HOD you say? I’m so glad you asked because otherwise it would have been awkward. The HOD stands for ‘Hug Of the Day.’ Okay, so technically HOTD would be more accurate but it sounded like too much of a mouthful so I just shorten it to HOD.

Stella is five and is prone to hugs. Physical touch isn’t hard to get from her. Hank continues to be a big ball of cuddles when we are home alone- no hug policy needed – I have a feeling that even when he’s James’ age he’ll still be that way. It’s just the way he’s made.

James on the other hand is definitely not in a ‘needs hugs’ stage. But do you know who does need hugs? His Mama! So last year I told him that I needed one hug a day from him. So now, I will just randomly say ‘HOD’ when he’s walking by and get a hug. He’s fine with it because it’s just one hug.

IMG_1762Good gravy, would someone please teach me how to photoshop lipstick on?!

The HOD is the best. I mean, it’s the best when it stands for ‘Hug Of the Day’ it’s probably not the best when it means the trough you carry bricks with which is what comes up when you google it. A trough you carry bricks with it doesn’t sound huggable at all. It sounds hot and sweaty.

The HOD is good though even when James is hot and sweaty! Yeah for hugs! Even if they do only come via a rule.

Rock on people! What weird rules do you have that work for you?