Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday

One of my very favorite things to come out of social media has been the Throwback Thursday phenomenon. I do absolutely love it. I love it because it can be a chance for people to laugh at themselves and be self deprecating – two things that I majorly heart.

That’s why I’m excited to get a chance to get to do it weekly for Jessica Adam’s link up! Post a Throwback pic on your blog, explain it, and link it up!

This week I want to head to 1998! So crank up your Celine Dion, pop Armageddon into the VCR, and lets go….

Ah, to be young and in love and in college and get to go to Disney World.

Y’all, we were ridiculous on this, our first trip together.


We went with my parents and spent the whole time canoodling and giving each other goo goo eyes. Every nook and cranny in the Magic Kingdom will forever be painted in a romantic light in my mind because of this trip.

We had two beds in the hotel room. My parents had one and I had the other. This poor boy slept on the floor. We were so crazy pants about each other that we fell asleep each night holding hands. I had to sleep half off the bed to reach my hand down to his. 

And yes, a gentleman did get on to us on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for smooching. And one probably should have gotten on to us on The People Mover. That incident on Splash Mountain was totally not our fault though! I tripped and he caught me!

Two years later we’d be married.

The next two years we’d spend inadvertently making each other pretty miserable. Workaholic and Emotionally Immature really don’t mix well for some reason. Who’d have thought that, right? 

We managed to get our act together – he was willing to work on it and so was I – and have now been happily (well, mostly happily) married for fourteen years. 

I’m thinking about Disney World for our fifteenth anniversary. 

You May Be Cool…

You May Be Cool…

On this, my older brother Robb’s forty third birthday, I present to you a montage entitled:

You’ll Never Be This Cool Again. 

You may be cool but you’ll never be ‘Owning a Denim Leisure Suit and Rocking It’ cool again. denim leisure suitYou may be cool, but you’ll never be ‘Wearing a Hardy Boy’s T-Shirt Riding in the Scout’ cool again.

Vintage Hardy Boys You may be cool, but you’ll never be ‘So Excited About Your Mr Pibb’ cool again.

photo 4You may be cool, but you’ll never be ‘Breaking Out the Vintage Auburn Sweater’ cool again.

Vintage Auburn SweaterAnd lastly, you may be cool, but you’ll never be ‘Wearing a Ratt T-Shirt on Christmas Day’ cool again.

Vintage Ratt T-Shirt

Happy Birthday bro. But you’re still not forgiven for my melting my Barbies on purpose.




The Weather…

The Weather…

Do I see some tired eyes out there? If you live in the southeast you were probably up late last night watching the weather. We were under a tornado watch from two in the afternoon until midnight. We had several warnings over the course of the night. Scary but just part of living in our neck of the woods. If you live in Huntsville tornadoes are a part of life. Schools released early so we had plenty of time to get home and hunker down. It may seem crazy to release schools over a threat of something happening but after April 27, 2011 when 243 people died on one day in Alabama due to tornadoes they just don’t mess around about calling school.

Billy and I have gotten so obsessed with Crossfit that even though there was a tornado sirens going off at the time of class we found ourselves thinking ‘so, does this mean class is cancelled?

Y’all can send psychiatric help our way.

CrossFit Blog

When Billy got home we sat on the porch and watched the clouds. Several times we saw the clouds moving in different directions – starting rotations. Luckily, the worst of it missed us, although there was a lot of property damage in the county.

Tornado Huntsville 2014Stella was less than concerned.  In fact, she was just frustrated that even though it wasn’t raining I still wasn’t letting her go play in the big field.

Speaking of being afraid Princess Creepypants told me several times yesterday that ‘someone invisible is knocking on the door.’

Er…Let’s just invisible people outside, shall we?

Let’s leave tornadoes out there, too.