Move Over Rice Krispies

Move Over Rice Krispies

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m as much of a fan of the traditional Rice Krispie as the next girl. But I got to tell ya I am loving this new recipe I tried from The S’mores CookBook. 

S'mores Cookbook

Yesterday Jamie came home with a bad case of  ‘I should have done my homework in study hall but instead I goofed off-itis.’ It happens. I remember the struggle.

I decided that while he worked I would make this recipe I’ve been wanting to try. Last time I went to a blogging workshop at Kevin and Amanda’s (Ya know, that time my pants fell off) we went home with an awesome swag bag full of goodies. Two of the things we received were The S’mores Cookbook by Susan Whetzel and Marshmallow Madness by Shauna Sever. The marshmallow book is actually puffy like a real marshmallow- so much fun.

Marshmallow-BookThis recipe I tried was called a S’mores Cereal Bar. Sadly, because it’s made with cereal – not because you should eat it for breakfast.

It is a lot like a Rice Krispie recipe in that you melt butter and marshmallows, mix in cereal and then press it into a pan. But its…I mean…I may be about to say I like it BETTER than Rice Krispies. It just tastes like a straight off the campfire S’more!

Let’s look at the recipe:

S'mores Cereal Bar

See? That’s it. Just butter, marshmallows, graham cereal (I used Golden Grahams) and chocolate.

Melty, melty, stirry, stirry, smushy, smushy and voila! Perfection.

Best S'mores Treats

And after you make it? Make sure to write down what was happening. Whoever inherits/buys/finds the cookbook after you will thank you .

Best S'mores Recipes

The bars turned out so good that I went a little crazy and make the S’mores Trail Mix from the book too.

S'mores Trail Mix

Look! This stuff is so good even my salt and pepper shakes are looking over in approval.  Again, don’t forget to write a note by the recipe!

Writing in Cookbooks

And then bag that business up because it’s perfect to toss into lunch bags.


Now, go try this recipe!


And Then My Pants Fell Off…

And Then My Pants Fell Off…

August fourth this year was not only Stella’s birthday but it was also the monthly meeting of a local blogging group I’m a part of it. Usually we meet at Amanda’s house from Kevin and Amanda.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, tell our funny stories, and, in my case, add another mortifying moment to my mental memoir.

Oh, yeah. Get ready for this little gem of a story because this ladies and gentleman, is the terrible true story about what happens when you tempt fate and anger karma by leaving your daughter on her birthday to go to a party.

Let’s back up, shall we.

A couple months into CrossFit I noticed I’d dropped 15 pounds…


I love how I wrote ‘I noticed’ – yeah, right – like I don’t weigh every morning. ‘I noticed’ my booty!

…which is problematic because it’s not enough to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes but it’s just enough to make things not fit.

Enter my size 18 shorts. Now, I know they are way too big but they are a good length and color so sometimes I still wear them.

The monthly meeting at Amanda’s was billed as a Smore’s Pool Party and I REALLY wanted to go. Even though it was on Stella’s birthday I figured I’d be gone an hour tops, Stella would hardly notice, totally worth it. Wore my shorts even though I knew they were too big but somehow thinking I could manage to keep them up with, oh, I don’t know, willpower. Occasionally I’d have to pull them up while I walked because, like I said, they’re too dang big. No big deal, I got this.

Yeah, you see where this is going don’t you…

The monkey is strong with me already, y’all know that. But when I’m around semi strangers and Madame Extrovert takes over my brain, it gets worse. So, sometime between me ogling the homemade birthday cake marshmallows…


…and salivating over the multiple options of sauces…


…my shorts fell off.

I mean flat out, honest to goodness, fell off my hips and landed at my knees, off.

Really now, nothing says ‘I’d love to impress these fancy bloggers’ like one’s navy Auburn underpants being shown to every girl at the party. War Eagle, y’all.

To make matters worse, I was holding a drink in one hand and a plate in the other so there was no yanking them up quickly. I had to  try to bunny hop back to the table where I could set my stuff down before they ended up at my ankles.

Check please. Jane Random out. Karma will get you every time.


I wish something really embarrassing would happen to Mommy today!”

Wish granted, kid.

Worth the Drive

Worth the Drive

Hey North Alabama,

Don’t you just love the little town of New Market? It’s such a lovely drive – especially right now when the cotton is in bloom. The town is little in size but big in heart. The river that runs through it, the old buildings, the pretty farms on the way there, the smell…

Hold up! The smell? Oh, I said it.

That’s because smack dab in the middle of New Market is a mecca of wonderful smells known as New Market Barbecue:

New Market BBQ

Now I’ve been to New Market BBQ before. I’ve even blogged about it. So, I knew what was in store for us when I heard we were going there on the Restaurant Week Food Tour for #DineHSV. We weren’t disappointed.

New Market BBQ #DineHSV

From left to right: Yours truly, Constance from The Foodie Army Wife, Libby from New Market BBQ, Stephanie from Rocket City Mom, Amanda from the Dining Dragon and Christy Jordan from Southern Plate. Not pictured because she took the picture Sarah from The Jealous Crumpet. 

Here’s what I LOVE about New Market BBQ: they are all about some social media. It’s true. They are very active on Facebook and Instagram etc. I appreciate it because it makes you feel like they are looking out for things, ya know? Seriously, their Instagram Feed is just a sight to behold what with all the yum on it.

New Market BBQ

Those ribs! Those desserts! Hold me!

I had the smoked chicken and the peanut butter pie. Oh man, was it good! Best thing about it? As we left I grabbed a family pack so I got out of cooking dinner. Score!

New Market BBQ

Don’t you just love the description of the sauces? It’s so Southern.

Sheesh, I’m getting hungry just looking at this menu board.

Libby and Angel New Market BBQ

I’m sure they could give me something to fix that hunger, huh.

Restaurant Week runs through the 24th. The gift card contest is still going on. All you have to do it tag #DineHSV in your social media for a chance to win!