I spent the day organizing the ridiculous amount of boxes full of memorabilia in the garage. Thrilling, huh.

Originally my plan was to go through every single item and either toss or keep it. I quickly realized the minions would be in high school before I got that done. So, it became more about just putting things in the right category.

I mean…the stuff in these boxes was uber important.

Seriously, where would my life be without this church bulletin?


What I appreciate about it the most is how spiritual I was at such a young age. Clearly, I was making the most out of the worship service that day. My mind was most definitely on Christ and everything the pastor was saying.

And then there is this letter my Mom sent me in college in which she simultaneously bragged about her Tetris score:


And made sure I didn’t use the word crap:


Life and death stuff here people. Life and death.

Do You Hear Banjos

Do You Hear Banjos

Yesterday we went off Island and headed to Silver Dollar City. We do this every year at camp.

If you’ve never been to SDC it’s kind of a ‘calmer, gentler’ theme park. The whole idea is that the park is stuck in the 1880’s. So you’ve got your blacksmith, glass blower, basket weaver and so on. Banjo music is coming out of every speaker.

We mapped out our route as soon as we got there.


And then we promptly abandoned any route plans because we never can figure out where we are while we’re there.

The boys posed for one picture and then it was like pulling teeth to get them to pose for more.


Actually it was like pulling teeth in the 1880s. No Mr Nose and no nice dentists.


“I said no more pictures!”

Now I’m not naming any names but somebody did a little too much of this yesterday.


Oh, the things we’ll do when we are under the banjo music’s spell!

Oh, well. Totally worth it!

Not Poncho Villa

Not Poncho Villa

Day Two of K-Kauai found us in the midst of a torrential downpour, for like, the entire day. The staff jumped into action and began trying to handle the massive amounts of rain.


And you know that moment when you are packing and trying to decide what to wear and you think ‘no way are me and the minions going to need warm clothes. It’s August.’

And you think about whether you should bring ponchos and then you decide ‘oh, if it rains we’ll just run from building to building.’ Besides, ponchos are for minor leaguers!


Yeah, that is the moment I’m talking about.

The good news about the rain is that it gave the grown ups permission to take 100% guilt free naps. The boys were ensconced in the game room and Stella was at nap time with her age group.


The other bit of good news is that the kids could care less that it was raining. Ya know what I was doing right here?


Watching the kids swim. And yes, I’m wearing a rain coat. You know Billy isn’t going anywhere without being prepared. I stole it from him.

Highlights of the day?

Stella’s birthday celebration with the entire camp at lunch:


Getting to hear Matt Chandler preach the gospel:


And watching this kid, afraid of heights in the state of Alabama, turn into a brave climber:

Your browser does not support the video? How dare you?! Well, trust me, he climbed the big mountain climbing thing at the pool and it did my heart good to see it.

Kanakuk makes this kid brave. We first noticed it when we picked him up from a week at K-Kountry and now again here.

So, kids, today’s lesson is: no poncho, no problem.