Chasing Your Shadow

Chasing Your Shadow

On the way home from Fairhope last weekend the kids realized we would be traveling to Huntsville via Montgomery. To my kid’s way of thinking Montgomery is just a stone’s throw away from Auburn. So as soon as we got near the city they began to make their pitches.

Mom! Auburn is only thirty minutes away! 

Not exactly, minion.

Mom! It could just be a quick trip!

It’s never a quick trip with you people.

Mom! We could go to Toomers!

I’m on Whole 30. Don’t tempt me.

And finally, “Well, you’re always saying you want me to love Auburn!”

So, even though the city of Auburn isn’t exactly on the way home I found myself turning onto I-85 towards Atlanta.

Fifty one miles later we were in Auburn. Don’t you just let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding when you get in to town? Only a few places affect me this way and Auburn is one of them.

Toomer’s was our first stop, of course.
 The trees look awful. Just pitiful. It’s hard to fathom the kind of hatred that leads someone to do such a thing.
The seven year old was showing me what he’d like to do to Harvey Updyke.
After we went to Toomer’s we wandered around the rest of the campus.
Langdon Hall in the background. I used to love going to the free movies there. It was always freezing, the projector hardly ever matched the audio and half the time it went out but it sure was fun.
We hopped on an orange and blue golf cart at Foy to get a few shots. I totally had to fight the urge to turn that sucker on and go 
Stella was beyond exhausted. I could tell because as we ran past Haley Center she began to laugh uncontrollably at something. I finally realized she was cracking up at her shadow chasing her. Which is kind of appropriate because I did quite a bit of shadow chasing myself while at Auburn.
At the point that the three year old is chasing her shadow it’s time to go home.
And with that we said goodbye to Auburn.


This weekend we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fairhope, Alabama. We were in Fairhope to see my cousin Mark get hitched.
And get hitched he did. It was a great wedding.
And how cute is this groom’s cake? Love it!

The Hampton Inn is downtown and is in walking distance of everything.
Hotels are tricky with this business:
She can be quite troublesome in the mornings.
What vile lies are you spreading about me?”
Oh, keep your britches on. I’m just saying that waking up at six in the morning is not appropriate in a hotel room.
After we checked in on Thursday and meandered around the hotel for a bit we headed out the front lobby and stumbled into this:
A parade!
Fairhope High was having their annual Homecoming parade.
We were excited to get to watch. And our car was totally blocked in so there was no guilt about being late for the party we were supposed to be headed to!
“I’m not feeling guilty.”
The floats were fun.
And then, true to small town form, my cousin David rode by in one of the floats. He’s number 21, totally cute, huh.
Now, normally I’m not a big parade girl. Even in Disney World what I love about the parades is that is clears the rides out.
Deep thoughts on Main Street a few years ago at a parade.
But there is something about a parade in a small town that just makes it more fun.
Plus, it’s Fairhope and I’m just partial to Fairhope.
Foam Party!

Foam Party!

Thursday we headed down to Fairhope, Alabama for…
Wait! Rabbit Trail! Is Fairhope not the absolute best small town in Alabama? Well, besides Auburn.  Seriously, can anyone offer me a better small town than Fairhope? 

…my cousin Mark’s wedding. Friday night we headed to Gulf Shores and those of us with kids met at The Hangout to, well, hangout. 
While we were waiting on our food we heard a siren and a loud voice saying ‘FOAM PARTY!’ The kids went nuts. 

Admit it: You wish you could play in foam too. 
Admit it: this nephew needs a haircut.

Admit it: Foam Party!

“I am too cool for this foam party.”

Admit it: You are judging me for letting my boys watch Regular Show.

Mom lets us watch Regular Show. SCORE!”

That foam got deep! At certain points I lost Stella in it. 

Ah, here you are child. 

A beard:

Getting that long hair washed.

I’m a Destin, Florida girl myself but places like The Hangout make me soften towards Gulf Shores.