The Season…

The Season…

Oh, la, but we’ve had quite the time this season with our oldest minion.

Honestly, At this point I’m at a loss as to what to do with him. James is in the fourth grade and back at the beginning of the winter he decided he wanted to play basketball with his school’s team. We weren’t super keen on it because we pretty much think that Little League in any form is a gigantic suck of family time but he seemed excited about it so we decided to let him do it. After the first practice we got an e-mail saying that he wasn’t good enough to be on the fourth grade team and if he wanted to play he’d need to play with the third grade team. We made the monumentally bad decision to go with that. I blogged about it. 

Since then, the fourth grade team  (the one he wasn’t good enough to play on) went on to win the championship and his team went on to lose every game, by, a lot.  All this to say that he now feels incredibly alienated from the rest of his classmates who played on the team. Everywhere he looks it’s ‘Congrats Fourth Graders For Winning the Championship’ and the like.

This is all coupled with the fact that he is having some difficulties amongst his classmates. In December he came home and told me that he was in a club  (The Gummymores) with one other person and everyone else was in the other club (The Bananas). I knew then that that was not going to end well. I asked him why the clubs couldn’t just join up and be one big club and he said, get this, ‘Mom, that would be like walking into Mordor and handing Sauron the ring.‘ My poor kid. If anything sealed his fate on the nerdy fringes that statement did.

Just typical fourth grade stuff but still hard on him. Suffice it to say it’s a lot for a shy and socially awkward nine year old to bear.

Last week he came up to me and asked if we could cancel his birthday party. Good thing I never got around to sending those invites. He went from wanting to invite every boy in the fourth grade to not being confident enough to invite any.

I don’t know…I can’t go to school and oversee him making friends. He just has to trudge though this alone. I can’t homeschool him. I’ve got a seven year old that LOVES school. And just between you and me, I’ve got Math issues – bad ones. 

Two weeks ago I got a babysitter for tomorrow night. The high school team is playing my old alma mater and we were excited about going to the game. Then, tonight, I found out the fourth grade team is going to be honored at the basketball game at half time. When James heard that he looked at me and said ‘Well, that’s gonna be awkward.‘ And then he started to tear up.

“Oooh! James would be mad at you if he knew you were blogging about his business!”

My kid…he needs some wins. And some friends. And some dad gum self confidence. And parents who don’t worry about it. But  mostly he needs Jesus. As do I.

Y’all can pray for us. And feel free to leave some advice.

All I Can Say…

All I Can Say…

Dear Readers, All I can say is I’m sorry. As I was looking through my pictures this afternoon I saw that I had never blogged about our chocolate fondue experience at the Stein Ericksen Lodge in Utah. I just…I just don’t know. I mean, I don’t want to make you jealous but…come on! It’s chocolate and it’s fondue. You NEED to know about this!

See that velvety goodness surrounded by yummy treats? That’s the chocolate fondue. As soon as we saw it on the Apres Ski menu we knew we needed to try it. ‘Apres Ski’ – that’s fancy talk  for expensive after the slopes treats.

The Stein Eriksen is an uber fancy hotel in Deer Valley, Utah. The house we were staying in was super close so we decided to walk up there after dinner one night.

The nephews got drafted to come with us.

Who wouldn’t want to come? Again, it was chocolate fondue?! Some of us behaved a little better than others.

This guy was just as bad as this guy:

Vast quantities of the fondue were consumed.

“It’s a tough job but someone has to eat all of this.”

We all ate so much we pretty much had to be rolled out of there. Good thing we walked instead of drove because we needed the exercise!

And yes, one of my nephews was wearing shorts…I just don’t know. What I do know is that the fondue was out of this world. Don’t you even think of telling me you went to Utah and didn’t have it.




I swan the roller rink is like a land lost in time. It’s true. One of Calluna’s minions had a birthday party today at Roller Coasters in Hampton Cove.

When I walked in The Bangles were playing and when I walked out it was Duran Duran. I felt like I was 9 and being dropped off by my Mom at Rainbow Skate Rink to an all day skate Saturday. Except, I’m 36 not nine.

Oooh! Oooh! Let’s talk about Rainbow. I used to go skating with my cousin Rusty on Saturdays. His sister, Bangs, er, I mean Kathryn, used to go too with her best friend Darlene. If there were two cooler 80’s girls than Darlene and Kathryn I didn’t know them. They had big ole hair and their own skates and they even had cool purple boxes to carry their skates in! They could truck and do all these dances while they skated. It was all just too much to bear for an awkward pre-teen like me. Rainbow had, get this, a special floor for break dancing. I mean…I could name names but I’ll refrain.

Roller Rinks even smell just like they did in 1987. The play the same games (shoot the duck, wipeout, and tag) and serve pizza that looks exactly the same. I guess you stick with what works.

I love to skate. I just…I don’t know. I know it’s all terribly uncool but I like it. I could do it all day.

He liked it too. He embraced it with wild abandon and probably fell no less than twenty times.

Even the light patterns on the floor and ceiling seemed to be the same. Although I did hear a lot more Gangnam Style today at the rink. Not sure I was hearing many South Korean rappers in the eighties.

After skating off an on for three hours I had some pretty gnarly blisters on my ankles. I’d show you but my Mom gets all irritable when I put gross pictures up.

Hmmm…How about I photoshop it for you?

See, here are my ankles with the blisters photoshopped out. Oh, blast. I forgot I didn’t know how to photoshop things.

Well, good thing I didn’t forget how to roller skate because it was just as fun as it used to be – without all the worry about not having a partner for the couples skate.