Books I Didn’t Read…

Books I Didn’t Read…

Oh look, it’s a stack of books I probably won’t get around to reading on our vacation.

We’ve been gone for a over a week now – we spent the first week with my family in a villa in St Martin celebrating my parents fiftieth anniversary.

Ask me how many of those books I’ve finished. Go on, ask me…


Zero. Yep, that’s a big fat zero. None. How is it even possible to spend a week in the Caribbean and not finish one single book? I keep looking at the list and going over it again and again making sure I haven’t finished anything and, nope, not a thing. I didn’t even finish the magazine! Oh well, there is always this week while we’re at family camp.

We drove to Atlanta last Saturday since we had to fly out of there on Sunday morning at zero dark thirty. Billy is a big fan of zero dark thirty flights. If there is any way he can make us all get up ridiculously early he is going to do it.


Making you get up early is all part of my evil plan.”

The good news is we got into town in time to go to Ikea. Here is my experience with Ikea every time I go: for the first twenty minutes I walk around in a blissful state – imagining my house all full of hygge lighting and happiness. Something happens at minute twenty one though that turns me slightly insane. All of the sudden I don’t want to be in the store one second longer. I spend the next nine minutes practically running down the aisles trying to get out. Billy is the same way.

We headed to Cabbagetown and the Beltline after Ikea to eat. I just finished Brett Trapp’s Blue Babies Pink ┬ápodcast so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We had pizza at Arrozza – y’all, they put edible glitter ON the kid’s pizza. Super cool. ┬áThen we went to Krog Street Market and had ice cream.


Atlanta is too cool of a city for me. I need a city that is okay with my yoga pants. My yoga pants that, of course, I never do yoga in. Atlanta is just way too fancy pants.

The flight from Atlanta to St Martin was four hours long so you can imagine why I thought I would have all this supplemental reading time. Alas, there were TV’s in the seat so inflight entertainment won out.

At the end of our flight was Maho Beach, turquoise waters, and rum punch.


The runway is so short (kinda like my attention span) that you can feel the planes poof of exhaust as it takes off when you stand on Maho Beach. To me the danger sign looks like a dude is being shot out of the back of the plane. There were tons of people that lined up before every take off to feel the wind.

IMG_0020These guys included.

My nephew Tucker and I looked climbed around the tidal pools at the beach. There were thousands of tiny sea urchins in the water.

They probably wouldn’t feel so tiny if you stepped on them, though! Tucker climbed out precariously further on the rocks to get a good picture. We admitted that we were dangerously close to being people that get talked about on social media. ‘American tourists were admitted to the hospital when they climbed too far out on some rocks and were attacked by vicious sea urchins.’



At the villa – probably looking for sea urchins.

Actually, it was kind of my nephews and nieces fault that I didn’t read any books. It was just so nice to be able to see everyone and talk and not feel rushed to say all the things that need to be said – that’s how it is at Christmas. Why would I read when I could be chatting it up!

IMG_0041 IMG_0040

Look, all these people were thrilled to be able to chat with me all week. THRILLED, I tell you!


“Mom, no one was thr…”

Shut it kid. I’m on vacation. I don’t need any of your nonsense. Now pass me one of those books!