No blogs…

Nothing witty to blog about.
No power to blog with.

Not a lot of stinkin’ trouble…

So Tuesday nights we go to Bible Study.

Or we used to.

I mean, sometimes we go.

I mean, it used to be at our house and sometimes still is.

Sheesh…while all the questions?


I’ve blogged about Journey Group before.

Tonight we got together and assembled packages for Backpack Blessings.

It’s a ministry of Mission Firefly. 

Mission Firefly does work in Guatemala. Installing water filters, buildings houses and the like.

Backpack Blessings provides paper bags filled with food to send home with under privileged kids on Fridays.

So, its a good cause and all that.

Due to an unforeseen trip to the dentist for one of my kids I didn’t get to go buy all they stuff while the kids were at school.

Buying enough food for 30 kids for two days with 3 kids in tow was a bit of a…


But in the end:

We stuffed the car full and made it home. 
Cranky babies and all. 
Then we began the unloading:
Hold it from the bottom minion.

I was all proud of the kids for doing such a good job helping. 
I really thought:
“Oh, they are getting it! How kind they are becoming!”
It was at this point that the middle child said:
Helping people is a lot of stinkin’ trouble!”

‘A lot of stinkin’ trouble.’

And I don’t mean he said it in a sweet way. 
It was more of a disgruntled ‘when can I go watch Spongebob’ way.
But he carried on and finally announced:
“Whew! We deserve a Dr Pepper!”

So we got everything lined up:
Ha, Ha. 
There is my foot.
And once everyone got there we got to assembling:
“Yeah! Assembling is fun!”

The second I snapped the picture Billy leaned back – hence the big ole back in the picture.
How about the “North Avenue Trade School” tee?
Georgia Tech peeps should appreciate it. 

Pastor Johnny getting in on the action.
Juggling in the background.
Oranges always make people want to juggle.
There was lots of juggling going on tonight.
In the end – success.
After everyone left came the ‘After Journey Group’ routine.
1) Get the kids in bed which means reading to them.
Here is the inscription on the latest library book the kids love:

So…thanks Johnsons for donating that book. 
Whoever they are they probably didn’t think donating that book was a big deal. 
If they knew how great the kids thought it was they would realize it is a big deal. 
I mean, a big deal to us. 
2) Then you have to blow the candles out:
And then you can do what all people do after every gathering at their house.
3) Unhide the romance novels:
Everyone doesn’t do that?
 I’m going against the flow!
Are you trying to peer pressure me into giving up romance novels?
Well I guess if everyone jumped off a bridge you’d think I should too?!
Only, if I packed a Backpack Blessing bag first.

Instagram, I think I love you…

So I’m a little late to the Twitter party. 
Better late than never and all that stuff. 
One reason I like Twitter is Instagram. 
 Instagram is an app that lets you take photos and then immediately upload them to Twitter. 
The best part is it’s really user friendly. 
The other best part is you can do all kinds of cool things instantly to your photos. 
So they make your photos look cool.
Even if what you are photographing isn’t that cool. 
For instance:
Homework looks kinda retro cool when you put it in the “70’s” filter. 
The 70’s filter works well for this boy.
He has wanted tube socks for years. 
They are surprisingly hard to find. 
When I asked him why he wanted tube socks his answer was “to be like SpongeBob.”
Oh well, every kid needs a dream right. 
You know what Instagram can’t do?
Really make what you did cool.
For instance:
Even in this filter…its still my keys buried deep in the trash. 
Yep, in the trash at Chick-fil-a in the outdoor play area.
Go me. 
I’d like to blame throwing the keys in the trash on a child but it was all me.
After I got done digging one of the other women there said:
“Well, at least Chick-fil-a trash is fancier than McDonalds trash.”
Who knew?