The Big Church Giggles

The Big Church Giggles

Oh, the big church giggles. They were always a possibility weren’t they? You know when you aged out of the land of milk and honey, er, I mean, the land of juice and cookies and got sent to the big leagues i.e. big church and it gave you the giggles? Yeah, you remember.

I’m a doodler in church. Sometimes my doodles give me the giggles. Watching the sign language interpreter has just about cured me of the need to doodle but it still busts out of me every now and then.


I love watching the interpreter. I love watching the interpreter just as much as I love doodling.

Here’s yesterday’s doodle:

church doodles

Originally I just doodled a circle and then the next thing I knew it was either a big fat shark or a big fat jet plane.

No worries, though. I really was paying attention.

Justification versus Sanctification

I even took a pic of this chart because I thought it was so helpful. Almost as helpful as a shark that could turn into a jet plane.




La Dolce Sunday – July 28

La Dolce Sunday – July 28

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your Sunday involved lots of this:


Now it’s time for another edition of La Dolce Sunday in which I showcase my favorite posts I’ve read this week! So, sit back, relax and read!

First up comes an interesting article on the Korean concept of Han and how it pertains to the Zimmerman-Martin case.

Go on. Click it.

Next up comes a redemptive story of baptisms.

Also, just in case you tried to check the blog yesterday I know it was down for most of the day. The blog has been acting like a toddler lately and we all know I’ve got enough of those around to deal with. Hopefully it will quit those antics and start acting right.

See you tomorrow!

How Do You Spell Yee Haw?

How Do You Spell Yee Haw?

Yesterday we talked about the debauchery that occurred on the way to Atlanta for our Uncle Jim’s birthday party. It actually wasn’t in Atlanta – it was in Cumming. And if you know of an entertaining way to get to Cumming from Huntsville let me know because the drive we take is boring with a capital b.

It usually goes something like this:

Oh, look. There’s the gas station James peed on us at when he was just a newborn. And look, theres the patch of dirt we pulled over and hurled in when we had the virulent stomach bug. Ooooh! That’s that nice grocery we stopped at because we forgot to pack diapers.

Thrilling, huh. Let’s talk about the party, shall we?

Uncle Jim is from Texas so the party had a Western theme. Any excuse to break out the cowboy gear, right?

Cowboy party ideas

The party was straight out of a Pinterest lovers dream. They hung twine between the trees and pinned bandanas and cowboy hats up. It looked so fantastic.

They had several hay bales set up with fun things to do at them. We were particularly entranced with this one.

Western hay bale at party

Glasses and mustaches attached to dowels you could pose with.


We loved it.

And by we I mean ALL of of we….er, us.


It’s amazing how much fun a kid can have with just a bandana.


I never thought I’d use this word but…selfie.

IMG_4419Actually I suppose it’s a selfie and minion.


Stella – getting a ride with her Papa.

 Two western themed parties in one summer. I’m on a roll!