High Heels and Sunglasses

High Heels and Sunglasses

Hey, guess what! The answer to the question ‘what do college girls wear’ is high heels and sunglasses. At least, that’s what my five year old thinks.

Tonight in Auburn we left the minions with one of our old sitters, a real college girl, and had date night in Auburn. So Stella got to spend a couple hours in the company of a teenager and came back telling us all about how she played dress up with REAL high heels and sunglasses.

Date night in Auburn is just the best. Every time we get to do it we spend the whole time telling each other how awesome it’s going to be when we are retired and running our free taxi and baked goods services here. Here’s our big plan: basically it’s gonna be ‘rent a grandma/grandpa’ without the rent part. Free!  He’ll drive the taxi and I’ll provide the baked goods. Need a place to stay? Grandmas! Need a home cooked meal? Grandmas! Need a lecture? We’ve totally got that! All we need is a catchy name!


Accept rides and brownies from these strangers!

We went to Amsterdam Cafe. I know, I know, I love Amsterdam too.


What’s not to like right? Of course, Van Gogh WAS an Auburn man.

Auburn Van Gogh

Back at our sitter’s apartment I geeked out over her Auburn art wall. How cute is all this?


It’s all very Pinteresting.

Cute Auburn Art

People are so crafty.


So so crafty.


I’m totally inspired.


I mean, not inspired enough to throw away my Rent a Grandma plans and become an artist but still inspired.

Stella is ready to move to Auburn right now.


After all, all you need is high heels and sunglasses and they sell those at Target.

What are your big plans for retirement?

Let’s Carve Pumpkin Barf

Let’s Carve Pumpkin Barf

A couple Sunday’s ago we crossed the state line after church to go to Lyon Family Farms in Tennessee. I didn’t tell you about it because I was suffering under the tyrannical rule of Write 31 Days at the time.

It was a really nice day. Of course, since we have a family history of losing kids at pumping patches any day that doesn’t involve having to alert the authorities is a really nice day. That’s a story for another time, though.

Now I was born and raised in Huntsville so I like Tate Farm as much as the next girl but I gotta say I like Lyon’s better. It’s bigger and there are more things to do.


Lyon’s is surrounded by cotton fields so we took the obligatory pictures in the field.

Lyon Family Farm

I’m pretty sure that cotton field pictures are a requirement of southern families in the Fall.


The kids did all the prerequisite pumpkin patch activities: zip line, corn maze, swings, slides, corn crib and, oh yeah, the oversized rocking chair.

Lyon Family Farms rocking chair

On the hayride to the pumpkin patch I tried to provide a bit of education to my little neanderthals.

See this view, kids? It looks just like the painting Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth. He was a famous American painter and Christina’s World is a very important painting. 

I patted myself on the back and thought ‘Aren’t these kids lucky to have me? When they are twenty and playing trivia at a fancy party in a big city they’ll know this answer and they’ll look back at this moment and remember it.’

Lyon Family Farms versus Tate Farms

I continued on with my diatribe whilst pulling the real picture up on my phone.

Christina's World

“See guys, isn’t it interesting how we can’t see what her face looks like? What is she thinking? Wyeth painted this in 1948. I  actually got to see the real painting when I was a teenager!”

I mean, y’all, I was just really teaching them some IMPORTANT stuff! We were having a moment! They were listening attentively and I thought ‘now this right here is what we call a teachable moment! Boom. I’m nailing this parenting thing!’

Henry said ‘Can I ask a question?’

I was totally READY for the important art question he was going to ask me. Maybe he was even going to break into some theology. ‘Yes, Hank, you CAN ask a question!’

“When we get home can we carve my pumpkin to look like it’s barfing?”


“Sure, Hank. Let’s carve pumpkin barf when we get home.”

I guess somebody else is going to have to answer that trivia question at that fancy party in the big city.


Chewacla Not Chewbaca

Chewacla Not Chewbaca

Chewacla State Park is just off of Exit 51 on Interstate 85 in Alabama. Don’t let me hear about you going to Auburn and not stopping by.

I stinking LOVE Chewacla. That’s Chewacla not Chewbaca – you gotta love those old Native American names. And, no, I can’t tell you what the word means because I googled it and nothing came up. Odd, huh.

I love Chewacla.

It’s beautiful. There’s a waterfall, a lake, a fantastic river to wade through, hiking AND biking trails, two playgrounds and no shortage of photo ops.

Chewacla Falls Auburn

They still have old school playground equipment that I’m pretty sure could send you to the ER.


Hey, can we just call this my Christmas Card, say Merry Christmas and let all the addressing go by the way side?

IMG_5729So, Merry Christmas.


I’m not sure whose face looks crazier here – mine or Stella’s. We both look a little maniacal.

Chewacla State Park

The trail down to the Falls was a little harder than I remembered. Glad I’ve been CrossFitting!


The area around Chewacla is so wooded that I actually wouldn’t be too surprised to see Chewbaca hanging around. Ya know, that’s one thing Chewacla doesn’t have – a mythical monster. Auburn needs a mythical monster!

Let’s make this a thing: Sasquatch spotted at Chewacla. It could have happened. Let’s just say it happened.


“Is that a Sasquatch I see?”

You heard it here first, people.