The Silver Button

The Silver Button

Saturday I took the youngest minion, Stella, to the Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville.

Beautiful Flowering bushThe whole place was just a riot of color.

Rainbow of tulipsThe tulips were especially showy but I just couldn’t get away from the hydrangeas.

White hydrangeas

So lovely and so great to cut!

Oooh! Oooh!

This would be awesome for kids:

Outdoor kid ideas

They took, what is that, some sort of gutter system?

Gutter system play for kidsAnd put rocks under it and the kids can put the pebbles in the rocks and watch them flow through. Very cool.

Huntsville Botanical Garden kidsLove this rainbow road.

Stella, like most four year olds, is super curious. Have button, will press.

In the children’s area I heard her saying ‘Hmm, what does this big silver button do?’ At the same time I yelled ‘don’t touch it’ she touched it.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens water play area So, the good news is she now knows what the silver button does. I’m pretty sure ‘it sprays water directly on you’ isn’t what she thought was going to happen.

Oh well, might as well enjoy it.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens Children's Area

Several prisms were set up in the Children’s Area. Loved taking a picture through it.

Pircture Through PrismNot as much as she loved that impromptu shower but loved none the less.

Um, is it weird to anyone else that the International Space Station is only 211 miles away?

Totem Pole at Botanical GardensI mean, if only we could drive there, right?

IMG_2118It’s totally close.

Close like Stella is with that big silver button.

Schmisty Shmordan

Schmisty Shmordan

Easter Sunday my alarm clock was all set to go off at six o’clock.

Easter Decor Target

And by ‘alarm clock’ I mean, I thought to myself ‘I should wake up at 6 tomorrow to get started on all the food for lunch.’ 

Shockingly, I didn’t get up at six. See, I’ve recently discovered KDrama and have been staying up ridiculously late watching it. I blame my friend Schmisty Shmordan. She kept telling me about it and I caved in and watched it. Now I can’t stop.

So instead of getting up at six I got up at seven and began rushing around like a crazy woman. I knew I needed to cook a boatload of food, do the whole Easter basket thing with the minions and make it to church by nine.

Because nothing says ‘lets celebrate the resurrection of Christ’ like complete chaos. 


I made the corn salad (chopping, chopping, and more chopping), put the green beans in the crockpot, made thirty eight deviled eggs, and made the bread.

Ahem…this is where the Schmisty Shmordan part comes in.

I decided to make Jordan Rolls from the Southern Plate website. I’ve made these rolls before and they are absolutely mind numbingly delicious.

I followed the instructions and got to the part where you add the warm water and the dough just fell apart, as in, disintegrated. Beside my bowl sat my yeast packets, my Active not Rapid yeast packets. My wrong kind of yeast packets.

Now if you read the instructions to Jordan Rolls you’ll see that it clearly says to make sure you buy the right kind of yeast. IT CLEARLY STATES IT. I mean, a whole sentence that says ‘make sure you buy the right kind of yeast!’ and I totally ignored it.

Y’all, I’m like Icarus. I tried to fly to close to the sun. In my ‘I nailed these delicious suckers last time’ vanity I failed to procure the right ingredients. I probably had no business attempting to make homemade rolls for 25 people on Easter morning.

I panicked. It was too late to go to the grocery and good gravy, you can’t possibly have Easter lunch without rolls.

I texted my friend Schmisty Schmordan…

Of course, her name isn’t Schmisty Schmordan but she told me that if I told anyone what she did she’d deny it or some such so I’m keeping it a secret.

I mean, she may run a website called Schmothern Smlate but who knows.

So I texted my friend Schmisty and told her what happened. About what a moron I’d been etc.

Next thing I know she is telling me that SHE is making the rolls for me and they’ll be ready in a couple hours. This is the definition of friendship, people.

On Easter morning she made rolls for people she didn’t know expecting nothing in return.

I think the moral of the story should be to use a dang alarm clock. No, that’s not it.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t stay up late watching KDrama because you’ll oversleep.

Or it could be to always buy the right kind of yeast!

Actually, the moral of the story is be thankful for friends that will make rolls for you on Easter morning.

Beaches and Trunks

Beaches and Trunks

I’ve tried to write this post three times now and each time I’ve found myself getting so bored with it that I end up going to Pinterest and looking at Corgi pictures. Because, y’all…CORGIS!


I’ll try to find some wit but I went to Nashville last night to see Wicked and it’s left me all lazy and feeling carefree. So, basically like any other day.

Let’s talk about Spring Break, shall we?

We got to the beach at 12:30 on Sunday. It was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and 75 degrees. 


The water was freezing but aquamarine and the sand was powder fine as usual. I love the sand on the gulf coast. It feels like a can of Enfamil. We kept saying ‘if only it could be like this all week!’


Sadly, this time it was not to be. We had been watching the weather and knew it would be bad the rest of the week so we stayed on the beach tip the sun went down.


Sure enough it was fifty degrees and windy the rest of the week.

We went over to Baytowne in Sandestin and wandered around the trails.

Baytowne Wharf

I love the walking trails. They are all very swampy and have some cool flora and fauna. Not to mention the tree houses!

Treehouse Baytowne WharfLove them.

Love these two:


Do not love those swim trunks Billy is wearing. Had to have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Billy about it on the way home. Sad but true.

Now, I know that Baytowne Wharf is technically free. And it’s true that you don’t have to pay to get in – they also have an amazingly great playground – but, just a little warning, there is a bunch of stuff you can get sucked into paying for. Ropes course, putt putt, carousel etc. So, have your plan ready before you go. This year we told her she could choose one thing to do.

Ropes Course it was.

Baytowne Wharf Ropes Course for Pre-Schoolers

So, beach good. Billy’s day glo swimsuit bad.

He just loves when I talk about his clothing choices on the blog. IMG_1842 ”Really Woman? Loves?”