Thundarr says I love you…

Thundarr says I love you…

Well, well, well…Guess who turned fourteen. That’s right, we did.


Aww…we were so cute on our honeymoon!

That poor girl. She has no idea how hard it’s going to be after the honeymoon. She sure looks good though, am I right? And, man! Billy’s hair was long. This picture could not even contain his hair.

So we turned fourteen on the twenty sixth of August and even though we said ‘no gifts’ he went out and bought me some anyway. Kids, the man gets me. Auburn and Thundarr the Barbarian.


Ladies, if you’re single this is what you’re looking for: a man that knows the importance of Hanna-Barbera.

Poor Billy. All I got him was this card:

Funny anniversary card

‘Every second of every minute’ my foot. That’s ridiculous. Unrealistic expectations party of two.

We had a nephew come sit for us and we walked down to a swank restaurant in the neighborhood.


Note to other patrons: that green stuff is straight up Wasabi. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT.

Also, don’t attempt to walk back home beside the creek because it’s dark and scary and there are bats.

Now I know that bats should not technically be scary but y’all! They are so swoopy! I just can’t trust things that are so bad at the one thing they are supposed to do well and that is fly.

Goodness. Post Apocalyptic Cartoons, Wasabi, and bats. It was a pretty terrifying anniversary.

Why Cookbooks Still Matter…

Why Cookbooks Still Matter…

It’s pretty rare for me to crack open a cookbook these days. Now sometimes I’ll sit around at night and flip through them and I do like the way they look sitting out.


Yikes. There is just no amount of photoshop that can rescue that poor yellow flower. Let’s play Taps for it and toss it out. 

But for the most part if I want to know how to make something I just get on a food blog I trust and see what looks good. And why wouldn’t I? There are pictures and tutorials and reviews, right? I’m sure I’m not alone in this but I realized a while back you do kind of lose something when you only use the Internet for recipes.

It’s the memories that go along with certain foods.

Why buy cookbooks

Like this one in 2005 when ‘Stella’ turned out to be Henry.

And this one when Laura Lee and I stayed up all night during Finals week in college. I believe those brownies were made about three am.


I love how I felt that I needed to write down just how great the batter is. Salmonella be darned and hand over that bowl.

And let’s not even talk about that 2007 Auburn versus LSU game.


And then there is this:


Just months after we got married. He was a workaholic and I was immature. It didn’t make for a fantastic first few years but there were some really good times. This was one of them. It snowed and our little welsh corgi puppy loved it. We took a walk through the neighborhood and had a nice leisurely brunch.

So, go out and buy a good cookbook. I bought Christy Jordan’s latest Come Home to Supper a few months ago. Every single recipe in it has a story to go along with it. So much fun.

And, I promise, all her recipes are good so you don’t have to worry about having to write this on anything:


Sheesh. I was a little harsh, huh.

Bend Down For What…

Bend Down For What…

Appalachian Trail! Appalachian Trail!! Appalachian Trail!!! Whew, now I feel better. I just had to get that out of my system. I actually got to drive through one of the towns on the Appalachian Trail Friday.

One of these days, AT I’m coming for you! This year I’ve read three books on walking the Appalachian Trail. Eeek! Must do. Must also parent so may need to hold off on the trail for a while. Seriously though, isn’t it just amazing that you can walk from Georgia to Maine?!

hot springs, north carolina appalachian trail

This weekend I went with my friend Angie to the Young Life camp at Windy Gap in North Carolina. We drove through Hot Springs, North Carolina on the way there and passed over the beautiful French Broad River. It took all I had not to hop out of the car and find the trail. Fortunately I was headed to hear Jen Hatmaker speak. Almost as cool as the Appalacian Trail – but not quite.

Hey look! It’s me and Jen Hatmaker.

Windy Gap Women's Weekend

Y’all she just wouldn’t leave me and Angie alone. We were  constantly trying to avoid having to have our picture taken with her. She just wants to be me and Angie’s best friend.

Jen Hatmaker Windy Gap

“Could my besties Paula and Angie please come take more pictures with me?”

It was all her, I promise. No clue how Angie avoided this one.

Jen Hatmaker Windy Gap

Ahem…yep, she loves us.

Look at me rocking my Rage Against the Minivan t-shirt. For real y’all, you may be cool but you’ll never be Kristen Howerton cool.

The weekend was AMAZING. Hatmaker was awesome as was the worship and the setting.

Windy Gap was BEEUTIFUL. I know I spelled it wrong but it was so beautiful that it deserved an unconventional spelling.

Here’s me and Angie:


Um…Why are we bending down in this picture?  I don’t get it. A grown up took the pic so it’s not like we were trying to make it in the frame. I mean, what the heck is going on with this picture?

How about this though?

Windy Gap Young Life

And this:

Windy Gap North carolina

And what the heck is this?

Weird caterpillar

Hey! Speaking of cool how about me and my friend Katie in our AWESOME helmets. We rode the swing and it was so much fun.

Windy Gap Women's Weekend

I’d show you the video but me and iPhoto are having a disagreement about whether or not the video lives there or on my desktop. iPhoto is such a drama queen.

You know who isn’t a drama queen? My friend Angie! She doesn’t know why we were bending down in that picture either, though.

Weirdoes. It’s a good thing Jen Hatmaker loves us so much.