Beaches and Trunks

Beaches and Trunks

I’ve tried to write this post three times now and each time I’ve found myself getting so bored with it that I end up going to Pinterest and looking at Corgi pictures. Because, y’all…CORGIS!


I’ll try to find some wit but I went to Nashville last night to see Wicked and it’s left me all lazy and feeling carefree. So, basically like any other day.

Let’s talk about Spring Break, shall we?

We got to the beach at 12:30 on Sunday. It was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and 75 degrees. 


The water was freezing but aquamarine and the sand was powder fine as usual. I love the sand on the gulf coast. It feels like a can of Enfamil. We kept saying ‘if only it could be like this all week!’


Sadly, this time it was not to be. We had been watching the weather and knew it would be bad the rest of the week so we stayed on the beach tip the sun went down.


Sure enough it was fifty degrees and windy the rest of the week.

We went over to Baytowne in Sandestin and wandered around the trails.

Baytowne Wharf

I love the walking trails. They are all very swampy and have some cool flora and fauna. Not to mention the tree houses!

Treehouse Baytowne WharfLove them.

Love these two:


Do not love those swim trunks Billy is wearing. Had to have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with Billy about it on the way home. Sad but true.

Now, I know that Baytowne Wharf is technically free. And it’s true that you don’t have to pay to get in – they also have an amazingly great playground – but, just a little warning, there is a bunch of stuff you can get sucked into paying for. Ropes course, putt putt, carousel etc. So, have your plan ready before you go. This year we told her she could choose one thing to do.

Ropes Course it was.

Baytowne Wharf Ropes Course for Pre-Schoolers

So, beach good. Billy’s day glo swimsuit bad.

He just loves when I talk about his clothing choices on the blog. IMG_1842 ”Really Woman? Loves?”


Not So Legit…

Not So Legit…

This morning I’m still smarting from something the eleven year old said last night. At dinner I said a certain movie was ‘totally legit.’ And I said it kind of in that tone – ya know, the tone you’d use for the word legit – kind of teenager type tone. However it sounded it caused James to look at me and say ‘Mom, you sound really stupid when you say it that way. ‘ Kids, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings. That ain’t the way you talk to your Momma.

And, yes I know, it’s totally ridiculous to get your feelings hurt by someone who is 11 but there ya go.

What can I say. These minions…they’re kind of on my last nerve. Specifically these two:


It’s the fighting. Up until…goodness, was it when we moved into the new house? Up until a little while ago they got along really well. Super well. They are both very different but they got along great. Then something happened. I don’t know what. But basically they just drive each other crazy now. And they drive whoever they are around crazy because they can not stop fighting with each other.

And don’t tell me ‘that’s just the way brothers are’ because I don’t think it has to be that way. My brothers didn’t fight like that. 

What do they fight about? Consider the picture above. Now I wasn’t with them when it was taken but I’m guessing about two seconds after it was snapped this was said: ‘he’s squeezing me’ ‘he stepped on my foot’ ‘he’s annoying me’ etc. And then it escalates.  I don’t mind wrestling. I like wrestling. What I don’t like is the full scale war that they seem to be actively involved in. 

What’s a girl to do? 

L“Let the record show that, for once, she’s not complaining about me.”

Sigh. They are going through a rough patch. 

So, what about it people? What’s your advice on how to deal with all this fighting?

Last night after Stella had gone to bed the boys went two glorious hours without fighting. TWO HOURS. I kept thinking ‘THIS is the way it’s supposed to be. THIS is the way it used to be.”

Because while this pic is cute:


It’s not exactly reality right this very moment. 

Biking 30A

Biking 30A

Highway 30A runs along the gulf coast in northwest Florida between Destin and Panama City Beach. It’s an absolutely beautiful stretch that encompasses some great little towns.

Smack dab in the middle is Seaside, Florida. If you’re not familiar with Seaside it’s the town that The Truman Show was filmed in.

Since it was crazy cold during Spring Break we decided to rent bikes there and make a day of it. We’re super fancy like that! We are ‘bike in Seaside’ people. TOTALLY FANCY.

Billy questions my use of the word fancy sometimes. It’s my fault. I overuse it.

Here’s a sample conversation:

Billy: ‘Talked to a guy in Wyoming today who might buy a truck.’ Me: ‘Wyoming, huh? Fancy!’

Billy: “Let’s eat pizza tonight? Me: ‘Pizza? Fancy!’

I misuse it so much now that even when the word is legitimately used he questions it.

Biking around the towns was SO nice. 

Big Fish Bike Rentals

We rented from Big Fish Bike Rental. It was great because there is a little deli inside the bike shop. You could get picnic supplies and then go biking. The rental itself wasnt expensive at all. We ‘got two bikes – one for me and one for Billy and Stella. It was a great set up. Stella’s ‘bike’ attached to Billy’s so he could do the pedaling – wish we had one here! It would make biking SO much more enjoyable.

Let’s face it. Bike trips here always start with smiles and end with ‘I am not pushing this bike up the hill for you!’

Biking Seaside Florida

Notice Stella’s official Seaside sweatshirt. I mean, did I have to take out a second mortgage to buy the sweatshirt? Yeah, I kinda did. What can you do though? If you’re fancy, you’re fancy!

Big Fish Bike Rental was only about 5 minutes from Seaside. So, we arrived near lunch time and took advantage of the amazing food trucks in the town.

The Melt Down Seaside

The Melt Down is great but the hot dog place is even better. Oh so good!

After lunch we biked into Watercolor and I tried not to shoot venomous looks at the roving bands of teens on bikes whose parents are wealthy enough to rent houses on 30A.


We spent most of our time in Watercolor. They had a playground where we stopped for awhile.  Billy and Stella played and I sat and read my Kindle App.

Playground at Watercolor

I was a wee bit worried about getting tossed out of the playground due to the big signs that said ‘for Watercolor guests only’ but we somehow managed to avoid The Man.

Biking on 30A

There’s the swamp in the background. Of course, since it’s on 30A even the swamp is picturesque.

Hey! We picked up hitchhikers in the Conecuh National Forest  (i.e. swamp) on the way down and they said that they were leaving because the gators kept bothering their tent at night! Crazy, huh. I’m sorry we didn’t get a picture of the hitchhikers. They were hipsters with a dog and instruments strapped to their backs. I’m even more sorry I didn’t give them one of my business cards. I’ve worried over them every day since we left them at a rest stop in Alabama. What if they get into trouble?

Biking Seaside Florida

30A was a bit crowded around Seaside but the bike lane is HUGE so we never felt like we were too close to the cars.

Big Fish Bike Rentals

Eat. Beach. Bike. Repeat.

Don’t mind if I do!