Mischief Managed…

I stinkin’ love the Harry Potter series. That might seem strange since I’m the ripe old age of 34 but I’ve got my reasons.
Well, one mainly…See, when people ask me why I like the Harry Potter books…
In the interest of honesty no one has ever asked me why I liked the Harry Potter books but I live in hope.
…so much I always tell them it’s because of one word:
I love how the books are just so full of mischief.
I love mischief.
I love how the word sounds.
It kind of has a sneeze at the end.
What could be better than a word with a sneeze at the end?
Go on. Say the word.
See? A sneeze.
I should probably clarify that I like to read about mischief more than I like to see my kids participate in it.
So…there ya go.
I guess mischief is in the eye of the beholder though.
I mean things that look like mischief to some people may not look like it to others.
Going through iPhoto I found some pictures that are high on my mischief scale.
Let’s look at them shall we?
A galvanized tub full of water balloons.
Yeah, that’s probably not going to end well.
Wayward sheep
What are those sheep doing jumping over that fence?
They’ve got plans…
Larceny? Grand Theft Auto?
This picture that proves that apparently my husband is never going to die.
This picture my Mom took of a menu if France.
Look at the item labeled:

Piece Du Boucher

 According to the menu it translates as part of the Butcher.

Um…no thanks.

I know things in France are different but this raises the mischief bar to downright creepy!
I’ll take anything that doesn’t included part of the butcher.
And lastly my Dad’s wallet:
Torn apart and broken.
I can count at least $7 in that wallet.
Why doesn’t he head to the local five and dime and buy a new wallet?
What other mischief does he have planned that prevents him from buying a new one?
It’s a mystery.
A mischief mystery.
What about it readers?
What says mischief to you?

When Gravity Fails…

It’s pretty dang important.
When gravity fails:
Children float in the air.
Even without the aid of a Superman cape.

Gravity failed.
Crazy, huh.
Who knew Galileo and Newton could be so wrong?
Ya know what wasn’t wrong?
My rescue of this old..
Let’s call it vintage, shall we?

…toy bin.
It was on the side of the road destined for the dump. 
Not on my watch, buddy!
We took it home and cleaned it up. 
It wasn’t used as a toy bin so much as it was used as a…
Child Holding Vessel.
For example:
The little one would open the box expecting to find toys.
And this would happen.
Surprise every time.
Maybe not as surprised as Galileo and Newton would be if they knew my minions could float in midair but surprised none the less.

Choose a Species To Be Eliminated…

I saw this in a magazine awhile back and thought I’d share it with you:
It’s an article on sharks.
Or as the author calls them: Demon Fish
So, according to Juliet Eilperin sharks are less deadly than toasters, chair-related accidents, elephant attacks and the flu.
And riding in a car is more dangerous than flying.
I still don’t like to fly.
In my mind there is one shark every five feet or so in the ocean.
Yes, you read that correctly.
One shark every five feet.
And they are just waiting to feast on anyone who goes in!
All this leads me to think about which animal I wish just didn’t exist.
Let’s go through a little exercise shall we?
We’ll call it:
Choose a Species to be Eliminated

Here is how we play:
You tell me the name of the species you wish didn’t exist.
I know, I know…I understand the complexity of the food chain and how each creature is important, and the circle of life, PETA, and ‘hooray for animals’ and all that.
This is just a ‘which species do you wish had never been created’ kinda thing.
Let’s hear it?
The ball is in your court.
Hopefully it’s a court that doesn’t have any snakes or stinging bugs on it.

Oooh! Oooh!

Hopefully it’s also a court that doesn’t have any toasters, elephants, rickety chairs or viruses on it either.