The Epitome of Summer

The Epitome of Summer

Well, I suppose it’s about time to admit that Summer is over. No more swimming in the lake, no more F’real’s, and no more life without alarm clocks.


“Oh F’real, how much do I love you?”

Skinner’s, a gas station in Crane Hill, has a F’real milkshake machine. It’s pretty fun – you select a flavor, load it up and listen to it swirl around. We’re big F’real fans. There are some places in Huntsville that have it but so far I’ve managed to keep that information from my little miscreants. It’s a lake thing.

Speaking of things we eat at the lake my niece Abby helped contribute to this little lake grocery list. ‘Unhealthy snacks, soft drinks and S’mores stuff’ – yeah, it’s like the epitome of summer right there.


Meh, they’ll work it off.


They’ll work it off jumping off the rock…


Swinging from the Eno’s…


Riding various and sundry water toys…




And coveting our neighbor’s castle…

The castle at Smith Lake. Man…it was for sale a few years ago and we got to see what it looked like on the inside via the real estate web sites. It’s just as cool on the inside as it is on the outside. It actually used to be even cooler because it had two golden…er…what are those things called? ┬áLet me just go Google it…insert Jeopardy music…wait for it…Onion domes? Wow, Google. Thats really disappointing. Something that cool should really have a better name than an onion dome. Well, trust me – the golden onion domes on it looked really cool.

Oooh! Oooh! How fun are these?


Turtle Eggs! Some sort of soft shell variety – you can tell because of their ping pong ball consistency. At least, thats what David R Steen, PHD says. My brother Joey found them while he was our paddle boarding.

On a side note, don’t go to the lake with Joey. It’s all very guilt inducing. He wakes up with the chickens (we don’t actually have chickens) and takes a swim across the lake, a couple hours later he goes for a run, then he paddle boards. I guess that’s what you have to do if you want to run marathons – which he does.

Oh yeah, and we did lots and lots of tubing.


For the life of me, I can can not comprehend what is so fun about tubing.


Wonder if whatever hatched out of those eggs knows how great F’real’s are. Probably not.

Poor turtles. Can they even say they’ve experienced Summer if they haven’t had a F’real? Guess it will remain a mystery.

Kind of like what actually hatched out of those eggs…