We arrived home last night from Utah after a 4 hour flight and 3 & 1/2 hour drive home.

I jumped out of the car upon our arrival at 11 pm and went to the front yard to check out the new landscaping that had been put in at our house.

Before getting out of the car I told the boys to wake up and go get in bed.

They are too dang heavy for me to carry in now.

I came back to the car 5 minutes later and this was happening:

Apparently “go get in bed” actually translates as “make yourself more comfortable in the car.”

We flew in to ATL and then drove through tiny little roads to get home.

Which, can I just say, is a lot less fun in the dark since I started watching The Walking Dead.

The kids were so tired you’d think they’d been through a zombie apocalypse…

Draw Something

The WIFI at the hotel in Salt Lake City is way too slow to blog but I thought I’d do a quick post.

See, my Mom has some explaining to do.

Why, you ask?

Well, we’ve recently started playing Draw Something together.

And this picture is her representation of the word ‘moon.’

Am I missing something? Is that a moon?

Speaking of drawing something I’ve now drawn the conclusion that I’m not allowed to use the words ‘hot’ and ‘Josh Hutcherson’ in a sentence together. That’s because tonight the minions were watching Zathura and guess who is in it? That’s right, Josh Hutcherson.

Ew…I feel creepy.

The same thing happened when I realized Taylor Lautner got his start in Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

I should probably stick with Draw Something instead of watching TV.

Fall Back…

If the whole fire truck salesman thing doesn’t work out for my husband I think this might be what’s in store for us next:

He is quite the proficient juggler. 
It’s a big hit at parties.
We are still in Park City, Utah and we finally got some beautiful, wonderful, glorious snow today. 
We loved it. 
I’ll tell you what’s not an option for a fall back job for him and that’s snowman design. 
We are actually pretty dang bad at it. 
Here is an example of a snowman we made on Christmas day in 2010:
The middle was a bit bigger than the base. No corncob or carrot or coal in sight. We had to use gum balls stolen from the minions stockings. They kept falling out and leaving sickly colored snow behind.

Apparently, we aren’t getting any better at it. Because this was our snowman for today:

Giganta arms and a twig for a mouth and no eyes because we couldn’t find anything appropriate. 
Oh, well…
There is always the juggling…