Stealing Their Money…

Our minions are convinced that we are stealing their money. 
Yep, stealing it. 
A few months ago we stopped screwing around and got serious about teaching them how to handle money. 
I went to Target and bought the boys these divided containers.

I broke out the Sharpie and labeled them:

Spend – 80%
Save – 10%
Give – 10%
So they get $5 a week. 
That means they have to put fifty cents in ‘save’ and fifty cents in ‘give’ each week.
Great day, am I good at math or what?

So, each week as they divvy out the money the grumbling begins. 
“Why are you stealing money from me?”
“I don’t want to put it in Save and Give!”

Yes, clearly we are stealing from them.
I told you we were working on empathy around here.
We try not to be too legalistic about it. 
For instance, when the oldest minion got a $2 bill in the mail from our associate pastor for his birthday I didn’t make him break it down into spend, save, and give.
Speaking of money…
A couple days ago I forgot to take out the trash. 
Oh, alright…I didn’t forget. I just decided to be lazy and put it off.
Thanks goodness because look what was hiding in the trash!
A $20 bill. 
Woo Hoo!
Well, it’s like Cameron from Modern Family says:
“Yesterday’s lazy, cures today’s crazy.”
Yes, it does. 
Now if we could just figure out how to cure the ‘mom and dad are stealing my money’ thing…
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Someone Take the Pen Away…

So I found this little gem the other day:
Oh, yes.  It’s a New Kids on the Block button. 
I mean…I remember listening to their music and actually thinking…Oh, man, this is embarrassing…I remember actually thinking: Wow. They really get me.” And I would love to say this was in junior high but it wasn’t! I think I was in about 5th grade. 
“What’s boy crazy?”
It really just gets so much worse! See, I was all in to creative writing when I was in elementary school. And I actually wrote a story about them in which…Prepare yourself, reader...a girl (me, of course) went on tour with the New Kids on the Block because her Dad got a job as their tour bus driver. Yep. Her Dad had fallen on hard times and didn’t have anyone to leave her with so she had to go and live with him on the bus in his new job as the driver.
I mean…It was a long story, too!Her Mom had died and the girl had a best friend that she wrote letters home to and one night the bus broke down and she had to spend the night huddling for warmth with Jordan Knight and then there was a scene with a groupie and then her Dad got sick but she stayed on the tour selling merchandise and of course she and Jordan eventually got married after a long separation when they re-met at a coffee shop in California where she was on a layover from her job as a flight attendant.
And, yes, there were lots of run on sentences in the book too. How much worse could it get? Unbelievable. Someone really should have taken the pen away. 
Seriously, taken the pen away!

Mother of the Year…

No one has been nominated for ‘Mother of the Year’ around here lately.

“Ain’t that the truth.”

Last week we were running late so the kids missed the bus. 
I was pretty frustrated and took my frustrations out on the middle child. 
He’s one of those kids that craves routine and order. When things aren’t that way he gets very…
…well, bratty really. 
So, being late in the morning is a big deal to him.

Part of me wants to cater to that and part of me wants him to suck it up. It’s a work in progress.

He had been incredibly grumpy all morning.

I was kind of done with his grumpiness.

As we walked out the door he realized he didn’t have his jacket on so I ran back in to grab it for him.

 Except, I didn’t grab his jacket I grabbed his brothers on accident so when he tried to put it on it was too big.

Barely too big, though. Just wear it kid!

He immediately stopped and said “I can’t wear this.”

At this point the right thing to do would have been to either say:

“Today, if you want a jacket that is what you will wear”
“Go back in and get your jacket.”
Oh, kids it was bad.

So, bad.

Instead, I lost my temper and said:

“Well, Prince Henry I guess we are just going to be late to school then!”


And it wasn’t an under my breath, muttering kind of thing.

It was loud and very sarcastic and I think my neighbor who was puttering in the yard heard it.

It was just mean.

Good Gravy, woman, why?


Why would I say this to my child?

This child:

The thing is I wasn’t even mad at him.

I was really mad at me.

I lingered over my Shakeology too long, I checked Facebook before I got the boys up, I didn’t have my alarm set, I blah, blah, blah…

When I got in the car he beat me to the apology.

Which is big because even though he has a big heart in many ways he really doesn’t like to apologize.

All I could say was:

“Henry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Mom needs Jesus just like you do.”

And it’s true!

There is nothing wrong with apologizing to your kid when you’ve screwed up.

I just hope he remembers more of these moments:

Than these:

 I don’t know though…

I mean, maybe losing it once in awhile and then going through the “I’m sorry, please forgive me” cycle every now and then isn’t a bad thing for them to see.
This family does need Jesus.
And a better alarm clock.
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