In Which I Commit Mail Fraud…

I love Words with Friends.
I mean…
I really love it. 
Is this a safe place for me?
The whole ‘Words with Friends’ thing…
For me, it should really be called ‘Words with Strangers’ because with the exception of my Mom and my cousin Christy it’s pretty much just whoever I end up with when I hit the ‘Pick a Random Opponent’ button. 
For the last few weeks I’ve been playing with the same person. 
We noticed that we were playing at completely different times of the day so the inevitable ‘where are you’ from question came up. 
When I found out she was from England I got all excited because, come on, it’s England.

I told her about a couple trips I’d taken to England and I sent her my blog about England because if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s pimping my blog. 

She complained about our cruddy television exports. 
The next thing I knew she had copied the first six episodes and said she was sending them to me ‘in the post.’
In the Post…isn’t that great?! 
It reminds me of that sign going around Pinterest that says:
 “If I had a British accent I’d never shut up.”
So, of course it’s probably totally illegal to copy the series and send it to me but…

I’ve never been so happy about copyright infringements and mail fraud.
The package came in last night. 
It was Par Avion y’all!

Packages that come from overseas are so fun. 
They kinda make me feel like I’m writing to my sweetheart who is off fighting in the Second World War.
Maybe I have one of those 40’s hairdo’s and a pencil skirt! 
Maybe we’re going to dance at the USO!
Maybe I’m going to have to wear a bandanna and rivet…um, rivets…on to airplanes.
I’m potentially taking that too far.

Let’s just ignore that shall we…

Their mail is ‘royal!’
Seriously, England!
I heart it. 
She also sent Jelly Babies for the kids.

And apparently the “Keep Calm and” craze is big there too. 

Except there it makes sense because of the whole actual queen thing. 
I’d write more about England, and Downton Abbey and Words with Friends but I’ve got some DVD watching to do. 

A ‘Spaking’…

Tonight, dear readers…
Fresh from my diary as an eight year old…
I present to you:
Apparently, in 1982…
I was treated unfairly that month when:

my mom spaked me.

I got angry because:

she wa being on fair.

And because of that:

I got mad.
It’s all very sad.
Before you feel too sorry for me…
I’m afraid the evidence is stacked against me.
In my own words:
My family might be better if I:
would cooper cooperoate. 

Oh, the drama of being an eight year old girl!
I love how my Mom wrote the ‘cooperate’ translation down at the bottom. 
My poor Mom…
I hope she didn’t get her feelings hurt because of that nonsense.
Don’t you ever just want to go back and shake your former self?


It’s certainly no secret that I participated in Kindergarten not once but twice.Yes, I liked Kindergarten so much that once just wasn’t enough.

Or something like that.

It’s really a good thing that I did it twice though because if I hadn’t this might have never happened:
That’s me and my best friend from Elementary school.
Isn’t Emily just the greatest name for a best friend?
There she is in the middle of the top row.
There I am in the bottom right.
When we were in the first grade we decided to be best friends.
Our lunchbox cubbies were beside each other.
I found my old diary in the attic of my parent’s house tonight.
My favorite food was Chinese and my best friend was Emily.
Apparently, I liked her because she was nice, pretty, and kind.
I’m not sure what year this was.
I was young enough to think that I was 60 pounds and 5 feet 17 inches tall.
And young enough to spell pretty: ‘part’
Now, we’ve done grown up.
She married her high school sweetheart.
I married a boy I went to Kindergarten with.
Now our boys are in Kindergarten together.
They run fast, love to play outside, giggle frequently
and wear little red t-shirts on field trips.
And now reader…
You have my permission to break out into a Disney power ballad.
Because this whole best friends thing…
It’s really all very:
Tom and Huck
David and Jonathan.
Well, that is,¬†except for the whole ‘murderous fathers’ bit.
Maybe just a small Disney tune then, hmmm?