Sun Dogs

Sun Dogs

I know the title Sun Dogs sounds like some sort of seventies surfer movie but it’s actually the name of am atmospheric phenomenon.

I know because we had the privilege of experiencing one yesterday for over an hour.

David Hathaway/NASA/MSFC

This is what the sky looked like. The two ‘suns’ surrounding the sun are what’s known as sun dogs. Allegedly this craziness was caused by Sandy, or so the meteorologists on TV said. They said lots of big words about what caused it but at that point they started sounding like the grown ups on Charlie Brown – which is kinda apropos since it’s Halloween!

Sunday I realized Halloween was in two days and I hadn’t taken the minions to the Pumpkin Patch. I had no choice but to check them out of school:

Which led to this – me having to come up with some sort of excuse as to why they needed to come out.

In the end I chose honesty and wrote ‘Tate Farms, okay!”

We had a blast but it was crazy windy cuz, ya know, Sandy.

I told you it was windy.

My hair was completely out of control.


These rainbows…

For real!

At one point we thought it might be the apocalypse but, alas, no zombies in sight.


‘Yeah for no zombies!’

Hands Over My Eyes…

Hands Over My Eyes…

David Sedaris is a writer and humorist who has appeared on everything from Letterman to NPR. I read his book Me Talk Pretty One Day last year and could not stop laughing during it. Laughing and crying. Some of his material is pretty poignant. The kind of thing that that you think is supposed to be funny but really just makes you want to embrace him.
Every time I see him speak I spend half the time with my hands over my eyes torn between the desire to scream ‘Tell Me More’ and the other half saying ‘Please Stop Talking!’

He’s a ‘rara avis’ as Mrs Dunar, my Latin teacher from high school, would say. A strange bird.
For instance, before the concert he signed books and the people beside us got their books signed. Here is how Sedaris signed them:
To Mark, I’m so happy you’re alive” 



A crying snail. I have no clue. Neither did the guy whose book it was.
We had front row tickets. I just happened to be online when the tickets went on sale. Honestly, I think I  might have been the first person to get tickets because our seats were the best in the house. Front row center. We looked like total groupies.
My cousin Laura Lee came with me.
My red shoes and the podium he was about to speak at. Crazy close, huh.
Not as crazy as his stories but you get my drift…
The San Antonio Lumber Delivery Service

The San Antonio Lumber Delivery Service

Mark Driscoll has a bit in which he talks about his fantasy job of driving a bread delivery truck instead of being a preacher in Seattle. Driscoll I imagine, no matter what you think of him personally, has a pretty dang stressful job. His point is when it gets to be too much he thinks about what it would be like if his job was delivering bread. All he’d have to do is get the warn nice smelling bread from point A to point B while listening to the radio. No worries, right?

Billy has a bread truck fantasy too. Except his involves driving a lumber delivery truck – his first job was working on a lumber yard. There would be no angry calls from customers during field trips, no city councils meetings at night, and no worries. Just pick the lumber up, drive it across town, drop the lumber off, rinse and repeat.

Man driving tractor

“I can drive big things.”

Of course it wouldn’t all work out that way but it’s a fantasy, right?

My bread truck/lumber truck fantasy involves being a traveling business woman. I could wear a suit! I’d have to race across airports to make it to important client meetings! I’d understand what terms like per diem meant. I’d have to fly all over the country probably work on an important account!  San Antonio always pops into my mind for where I would travel. After my stressful meetings I’d manage to grab a quick dinner on The River Walk before collapsing at the hotel. My hair would always look perfect and for some reason I’m always twenty pounds lighter in this fantasy. It’s all very glamorous sounding, right? Well, it’s all very glamorous sounding to me when the toddler is all up in my business and the other minions aren’t acting like, well, minions.

Now I’ve never been to San Antonio and the whole traveling exec thing probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but it’s a nice thought sometimes.

Oh, who am I kidding? I was at the airport by myself this weekend and there was nary a suit in sight, at least, not worn by me. Man…at the airport without kids and I missed my big opportunity to wear a suit.

So maybe San Antonio isn’t such a good idea after all.

What’s your fantasy job?