Don’t Mention the Caviar…

Eeek! Did anyone else know that beluga whales were so fantastic?

I totally fell for them when I saw them at the Georgia Aquarium in July. 

They did this crazy thing as they swam where they would…um…I guess the word would be ‘jump’ on to the rocks in their enclosure. The host said it was because they slough off their skin ever so often. Neat, huh. 
I really need to learn to use my camera.

We stood and watched them for ages. 

They were just cool. 
Which makes sense because this is where they live.

The red zones. The cool zones.

These things do not live in the red zones.
I’ll tell you what’s not impressive and that’s the piranha. 

“Come say that to my face, human.”

It’s true. They are tiny in comparison to the other creatures at the aquarium!

This grouper was the size of a small car.

This whale shark was the size of an RV. 
But the beluga remained my favorite. Maybe it’s because Baby Beluga was the first book I remember reading to my oldest kid.
Come on! How could you say no to this face:

Touch Pools…

Last month in Atlanta we swung by the Georgia Aquarium for a quick visit.
My favorite spots were the numerous touch pools.

Man, do I love the touch pools.

We spent a lot of time trying to get a finger on those slippery suckers inside the pools.
Sting rays, baby sharks, starfish, horseshoe crabs, anemones, sea urchins and shrimp were all in attendance.
This gentleman was making sure we followed the rules.

Intimidating, huh?
The way these anemones felt…it was so good!
Crazy talk! I loved it. The suckers would reach out and grab on to your fingers. It felt…spiritual almost!
Me and the anemone had a moment. 
“Really, Mom? A moment?”

The shrimp were very…shrimpy. I couldn’t bring myself to touch them. 

Dude…I totally had a moment with the shrimp.”

Yes, yes minion. I’m sure you did. 
We all had moments. 

People like us and Kitchens for CASA…

Alright, here’s the deal: You pay $25 and you get to tour six different kitchens around town. The money all goes to charity so in one fell swoop your desire to help a worthy cause and your desire to be totally snoopy can be gratified.

I tried to write ‘your voyeuristic desire can be gratified’ but gave up after my fifth failed attempt at spelling voyeuristic.

The houses had nice refreshment stands set up. 
I’m a sucker for a pretty cooler. My Mom is a sucker for gardenias which they had in a bowl next to the cooler.
Sweet Thang Cookies had provided refreshments at one of the houses. They were delish. 
Stop number two for us was one of our favorite kitchens.  It had incredibly tall ceilings and cabinets. I remarked to my Mom that the cabinets looked pretty but weren’t very functional because of the height. 

That’s when we noticed that the owner had installed a ladder system. 
A ladder system!
And then I was won over because it made me think of the library scene in Beauty and the Beast. Holy Moly, do I love that scene. It’s stinking romantic. 
Oooh! Fairies are romantic too!
One of the owners had this in her garden off the kitchen. Swank, huh. 

House number six on our stop was the home of Tasia Malakasis. She is the owner of Belle Chèvre Creamery. Hence the goats in this picture that me and my friend Kristi are checking out. 

This was one of those awkward ‘should we pose or not pose’ pictures. We opted for not – that might have been a mistake. Because now I’m thinking we just look like posers.

We loved her porch. 

I could eat this hanging sofa! 

How comfy does that look?!

Mom and I tried it out. We also tried several of the Belle Chèvre Fig Goat Cheese samples. And by several I mean every time the host turned her head I scarfed some up. 
We were feeling squirelly. House number four threw us off our game. It was a very expensive house in a fancy neighborhood and had a very particular finish on the cabinets. It was really beautiful. We asked the volunteer if the cabinets were hard to clean and she said something to the effect of:
“People like this don’t have to worry about things like that.”
So…maybe I took it out on the goat cheese. 
All I know is that the kitchen tour is super fun. You should do it! And the money goes to a great cause. 
Just don’t try to make conversation with the snooty volunteers.