Another Day Another Outhouse…

Another Day Another Outhouse…

There’s a little old log cabin deep in Winston County that my Dad used to reside in. We went there over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The kids drew water from the well like they always do.

It’s a group effort and takes multiple hands.

 So, kids…Who wants to take the first sip of that delicious well water?

Is it you, child?

 No? I can’t imagine what about that water doesn’t appeal to you…

 Clearly that water is very…um…refreshing.

 Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t want to drink the water. Which is kind of a bummer because that log cabin was going to be one of my ‘go to’ places in case of apocalypse. Actually, the more I think about it the more I think it would be a really bad idea. My Grandmom once told me that they left that cabin and moved to the city because they ‘liked to starve to death’ there. The cotton crop failed etc. I’m pretty sure if my grandparents couldn’t make it there I couldn’t either.

Blast. It’s quite unfortunate because my Dad recently put in outdoor plumbing. Yes, you read that correctly, outdoor plumbing.

I mean…I’ve only been blogging for a couple years and I’ve had to had the privilege to write about outhouses several times.  I promise, everyone in Alabama doesn’t have access to outhouses.

Look at the fancy writing my Dad put on the toilet paper holder!

And, of course, no outhouse is complete without the moon cut out.

Man, he kinda cheaped out on the Lime box. I don’t know much about Science but I’m pretty sure Mrs Van Bebber would say that Lime and Laundry Detergent shouldn’t mix.

Kinda like me and living off the land shouldn’t mix…

Or dirty well water and kids…

Coveting the Patches…

Coveting the Patches…


Yearn to possess or have (something).
Synonyms: crave – desire – hanker – lust

Here is what I crave, desire, hanker for and lust after, dare I say it, here is what I covet:

My grandparents RV Rally patches.

Seriously, how awesome are these?

My grandparents were members of the NORALA Holiday Ramblers club. They drove a big ole Holiday Rambler RV all over the country to attend Rallies. Rallies are basically parties for like minded people – in this case, people that like to hang out in RV’s. For some its an acquired taste. They loved it. Canada, Alaska, Maine, no problem. They loved their RV’s and their friends they made through the RV Club.

They bought their first RV in 1980 and I’m happy to say that I was the first to ride in it. Man…1980 was a big year for me. I attended my first Auburn game and rode in my first RV. 

Now my Grandmom has seven kids and they all have kids and lots of them have kids so the chances of me getting the patches are, well, slim to none.

Even for this awesome Disney patch!

But here’s what I don’t understand about the whole ‘fighting over who gets what’ thing; Half the time you hear about it people are fighting over stuff you can buy on dang Ebay!

You can even get these patches on Ebay! I know because I’ve been searching for replicas for all of these for years. They aren’t even expensive! So in twenty years when I’ve gotten replicas I’m going to be telling Stella, ‘yes, these were your Great Grandparents RV patches.’ Baby girl won’t know the difference!

“You’re gonna do what?”

So, really, let your second cousin Tilly have that antique ice cream scoop.

You know that thing is on Ebay somewhere just waiting for you to find it. Then you and Tilly can still be friends.

You just tell Tilly to stay away from our RV patches!

The Warmth of Bitterness…

The Warmth of Bitterness…

Saturday night we headed out to Santa in the Park in Arab, Alabama to wander through the park and look at the lights. It was absolutely freezing. I was just wearing a light jacket but I stayed pretty warm. It could have been the insulation in the jacket keeping me warm. It could also have been the bitterness and vitriol that came from getting annihilated in the Iron Bowl. So, War Eagle to keeping warm.

At the park the kids headed over to the craft room. Some of the minions were very enthusiastic about making crafts:

And some of them weren’t:
Get off my back, woman! I’m making it!”

The crafts were actually really cute. The boys chose to do make these clothes pin Christmas figures.
It was incredibly easy to make – even for uncrafty little kids. Seriously, isn’t that just dying to be put on Pinterest?
The crafts were a real win.
Unlike the dang Auburn/Alabama game.