The Bammer Upstairs

The Bammer Upstairs

Last month our family opened our home to a two year old who was in foster care. A couple weeks later her ¬†eleven year old brother and eight year old sister joined her. So…family of eight.

Y’all, it’s a lot of laundry.

large family laundry system

We took the classes that DHR makes you take. Got fingerprinted and background checked and finally got liscensed. It’s a long and thorough process – as it should be.

We learned about kids that lie and kids that wet the bed and kids that steal and kids that just want to go back to their parents – no matter what. I thought that they had covered every kind of situation that was out there. We quickly found out that they hadn’t.

What we didn’t learn…What DHR failed to teach us…What they didn’t even think to mention…

Is what to do when one of your foster children is…is…dare I even say it?¬†A Bammer. Yep, I said it. That’s right kids, I now have an Alabama fan living in my house. In. My. House.

I wash Alabama t-shirts and fold Alabama sweatshirts and walk past a bedroom that now has an Alabama poster hanging in it. An Alabama poster! In my house!!!

Y’all! I can’t even about all this.

So…DHR clearly needs to update their teaching curriculum.

Bed wetting – there’s a book for that. Lying? I can google the heck out of that business. But a Bama fan? Oh man – where do I even start? Like, ‘RT’…you know, that phrase they say…is something I actually have to hear now.


And don’t tell me ‘just tell him he’s an Auburn fan now’ or ‘you’ll change his mind.’ I mean, maybe he’ll eventually like Auburn but, good gravy, the kid has lost so much. If he wants to keep that part of himself I guess he can.

Even though y’all, it’s an Alabama poster hanging in my house!

He asked us if we would take him to a football game. People, there are limits. If he wanted to go see an inappropriate movie I wouldn’t take him – same thing, am I right? Uh huh…Sure.

Well, maybe Billy can take him – Although, if I recall correctly my last trip to Tuscaloosa was quite successful – Laura Lee and I went to the 2010 Iron Bowl. The one with Cam and Lutzie and all that business so maybe Tuscaloosa isn’t that bad.

And maybe folding these Alabama t-shirts isn’t that bad.

But still…what was DHR thinking?