Wedding Season…

Well, it’s almost June which means that wedding season is officially upon us. 
Seconds after this I promptly burst into tears and cried for 30 minutes. Crazy tears of happiness, I assure you.
So, yay for weddings.
Here is the infamous conga line of the 1987 wedding of my cousin Chandra:
And yes, I do think that’s a rip in my cousin Thomas’ pants. 
Here my brother and I are cutting a rug later on in the reception. 
It looks like we were really getting into it. 
“Celebrate good times, come on!”

Here are a few more shots from my wedding.
My Mom writing the last check to be paid for the wedding. 
So yay for that too.

Various and sundry cousins. 

Two of my bridesmaids. 

Awww….me and Dad.

Awww….Mom and Dad.

Awww…my Uncle Larry and Aunt Sue.
They provided the lovely location for the reception.
So…go get married.
Or don’t. 
Maybe you should just go crash a wedding.
 For the cake and punch, of course.
That’s probably a bit cheaper.
I mean even if you get caught and thrown in the pokey you still come out cheaper.
I love the word pokey. 
How much is bail these days anyway?
From weddings to bustin’ out of jail. 
It’s time to shut her down for the night, folks.

And then I cleaned out my pantry…

So as of Thursday our house is officially on the market.
Mixed feelings. 
Of course that meant that every nook and cranny needed to be clean. 
Another sigh.
The dreaded pantry…
But hey!
What about this blog title?
And then I cleaned out my pantry”

Thrilling, huh?

You’re just itching to hear more right?
So, lets just see what I found when I finally cleaned the pantry:
You counted right.
That’s twelve boxes of spaghetti.
And I don’t coupon. 
I just ended up with that many via poor planning. 
And then there are the sauces…
I had to put newspaper down because the soy sauce had…
…well it had abandoned ship. 
Turned over and spilled everywhere.
And then there were the spices.
A good many of them went to live in the garbage can. 
So many duplicates.
It was all terribly tragic.
We did have one score though!
I love this stuff.
Yes, it was technically expired but I consider expirations as more of…
Unless I’m cooking for company and then it’s the straight and narrow all the way!
You can be confident of it. 
Speaking of confidence…
My oldest…
Sadly, sometimes not so confident.
Except in one place:
The woods.
You would think they would be scary.
But no.
Put the kid in the woods and suddenly he is a man among boys.
Now if we could just import the woods to my backyard…
I’ll probably figure out how to do that at about the same time I figure out how to keep my pantry clean. 
It could happen!
I’m confident of it. 

Be verry verry quiet…

Be verry verry qwiet…
…we’re hunting lizards.
Step one:

Sneak up on them.
Step two:
Practice subterfuge.
Step three:
Crouch down to their level.
Step four:
Lunge for it.
Step five:
Cry when it runs away.
He was a cute little guy.
Did you know that there are 3,800 different species of lizards?
Did you know that they are found on every continent except Antarctica?
It’s true.
At least, Wikipedia says it is.
You are fast little lizard…

But her day will come.
Oh, yes.
It will come.