Sunday Coming Softly…

Sunday Coming Softly…

Remember that incredibly boring TV show that used to come on on Sunday mornings on CBS? What was it called? Oh, yeah, Sunday Morning. And, oh yeah, it still comes on. Who knows, it may not be boring anymore. It may have never been boring; I just remember walking in the living room as a kid and thinking ‘oh, look the TV is on’ and then ‘why is it a video of water running?’ It was a bit mesmerizing though. Nothing calms you down like watching peaceful nature scenes. Usually.

Well, just in case Valentines Day makes you crazy and you need a little calming down here are some nice and gentle pictures for you to look at.

Awww, a moss covered rock with a fern in front of it. Don’t you feel calmer now? Let’s describe it in Italian: Un muschio ha coperto la roccia con una felce davanti a esso. Now you feel even calmer, right?

Look at the lovely little stream. No Valentine? No problem.

Vinca! Nothing is nicer than a little vinca flower. Sweetheart didn’t get you a card? Doesn’t the vinca make you feel better about it.

Fungi is fun.

And here we have this lovely bright green moss growing on these rocks.

Wait. Just. A. Minute. Those aren’t rocks.

It’s shingles! Someone dumped shingles next to this picturesque little stream. Stink! Alright, now I’m mad. Valentines day my foot. How about not dumping your shingles by the stream!

Excuse me while I go watch Sunday Morning. I need to calm down.


That Sound, That Lovely Sound!

That Sound, That Lovely Sound!

Can we just talk about how much I love high school basketball? I mean L-U-R-V-E high school basketball. Heck, I even love junior high basketball. Heck heck, I even love junior high GIRLS basketball. In fact, it may be my favorite! The sounds, the smell of the gym, the energy, the blow pops dipped in coke. I love it all.

Coaching is totally on my bucket list. Actually Assistant Coaching is on my bucket list because I couldn’t handle the pressure of the whole head coach thing. Come to think of it being the person that sweeps up after the games might actually be what’s on the bucket list – so, Janitor then. I just need an excuse to go to those games.

We went to a game last week and it was great. If you’ll recall I was a little worried about it but Calluna‘s kids went with us which helped a lot.

At the game I got to hear my favorite sound in the world (the squeaky shoes on the court) and eat overly salted popcorn and everything. It was the last home game so the seniors went out on the court with their parents. Y’all I got all teary and I didn’t even know the kids! Basketball just makes me crazy, I guess.

We watched the Pep Band:

and took in the sheer awesomeness that was the home crowd:

Apparently it was some sort of dress up night. All I know is that they looked awesome. I mean, I don’t miss the curfew or the ridiculous amount of homework but truly I flipping loved high school. And at least once every few months I dream I’m back in it and when I wake up, I gotta say, part of me is kind of ‘dang it.’

So, we’ll just add that to the list of embarrassing dreams I have on a frequent basis. Lately the embarrassing dream I’ve been having involves being friends with celebrities. Why, why, do I dream that? One minute I’m dreaming about the Apocalypse and the next moment I’m dreaming Kristen Howerton and I are having lunch together.

Hmmm…I bet she likes to do things that are way cooler than go to high school basketball games.  So, maybe the whole bff thing wouldn’t work out after all.