Ya know what else is gross?

Ya know what else is gross?
Vitamins are gross. 
P90X wants you to take vitamins. 
And not just one vitamin. 
Here is my pack for the day.
Um, objects in packet are larger, smellier, and grosser than they appear. 
Lets get them out shall we?
These two

these two 

these two 

Big Mama. 
At least she is soft and tasteless.
All these add up to this:
That pretty much sums up how I feel about the vitamins. 
Other things that are gross:
The words: blog and Albertville
The space underneath my bed
The smell of beer. 

Mirth it up…

Websters defines it as: gaiety or jollity
Are we kidding with that word?
Thats a real word?
According to Websters it is. 
Alright, jollity is my new favorite word. 
Its a weird word. 
Not to be confused with myrrh – the spice mentioned in the Bible that the wise men brought to Jesus.
Not to be confused with the USS Mirth which was a minesweeper in WWII. 
On a side note the USS Mirth was sold to the Russians later and they renamed it the T-275. 
I feel bad for the Mirth. 
Too spend your whole life named the Mirth and then get renamed something that sounds like a calculator an Engineer would have to use. 
What a bummer.
Anyway…I misuse the poor word mirth all the time.
So there are several pictures that come to mind when I hear the word mirth. 
Here are a few:
“Watch out minion. Your mirth is showing. “

Hey! You are covered in mirth!”

Its not just boys that get the mirth. 
Apparently it affects grown men too:

And grown women:

Mirth can affect all kinds of people:

Older people aren’t immune to it, either.
My Grandmom comes down with a terrible case of it any time she is around children.
I’m a fan.

My minions…

My minions…
My poor, poor minions…
need driving lessons.