You Can Have the Supper Club…

You Can Have the Supper Club…

The majority of time when we pull into Auburn I’m not jealous of the college students I see there.

We drive down College Street and I see all the ladies in their ‘going out’ clothes waiting in line at Sky Bar and I think ‘Whew! Goodbye to all that. Glad I’m not in that line!”


There are definitely times that I feel nostalgic and wish I was still so carefree and living on campus.

Especially last night when I saw this business on Twitter. Look at all that beautiful snow.

Samford Hall in the snow

The picture came from @JanuaryJo who is, I assume, a student.

I also assume she’s a private detective because of that awesome name. 

Come on! I want to be in that picture! Look at all those kids having fun in the snow!

So, yes, when we’re in our RV and it’s midnight and I can still hear people partying I’m all ‘get off my lawn, ya whippersnappers!’ but last night wasn’t one of those nights. It just looked like fun.*


Oh well, if I was all young and carefree who would deal with this nonsense:


So, I guess you can have the Supper Club.

Even though, I’m still jealous of the snow!


*Absolutely not jealous for all the people in Birmingham and Atlanta who got stuck, AND ARE STILL STUCK, out and about. What a mess. I’m so sorry if you’re in or were in that boat…er, sled.

The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back

Ya know how on the eleven hour drive TO Disney World everyone is like ‘this is the best trip ever!’


And you think ‘wow, it really doesn’t take that long to get down here.’


“Not flying was a great idea!”


But then…

Oh, the but then!

But then…

The party is over. And you have to go home. And the kids have to go to school in the morning.


And, for Pete’s sake, why didn’t we just fly!

It was a long way back.

Thankfully, the SEC Championship started about an hour before we hit Atlanta. We were able to watch the entire game, on about a minute and a half delay, on Billy’s iPhone while he drove.


Technology is crazy like a duck.

Of course, since I mentioned Atlanta I need to fess up that we also went to the Varsity.

IMG_0402Because, we’re fancy like that.


Hey, only the best for us.

And next time…we just might fly.




My Dad won’t ride the teacups. And I say this with the same ferocity that I would say ‘my Dad doesn’t like to be tickled.’ Seriously, do not attempt to tickle the man. He swatted me one time growing up and that was when I ignored my Mom’s advice not to tickle him.

The not wanting to be tickled thing is kind of odd. Please ignore anything my husband is saying right now. I cannot abide anything touching me near my underarms. I know its weird. 

The teacups though? That fear is totally legit.

When the minions and I saw that the line to the teacups was really short at the Magic Kingdom we all kind of looked at each other like ‘Well……‘ Henry said ‘why don’t we just ride it and not spin it?’ So, we loaded up.


And it started off fine. Seconds later the kids all grabbed the wheel and said ‘let’s spin it as fast as we can!’

Because, of course they did.


So we spun.


And spun.


And spun.


And spun. And we got to that place where you’re starting to feel really sick and you think: ‘maybe if I just close my eyes I’ll feel better!’


And then we spent the next thirty minutes whining ‘WHY? Why did we do that to ourselves?’

You feel sick just thinking about it don’t you?

Yeah, me too.

Here’s a picture of Darth Vader eating a Mickey Mouse ice cream while riding the rockets.

Funny Darth Vader

Well, I certainly feel better now, don’t you?