The Terrible Truth About Children’s Museum

The Terrible Truth About Children’s Museum

The local children’s science center just moved into our neighborhood. So, thats a big score. The price for a family admission for a year is very doable.


 It’s a crazy cool place with tons of hands on things to play with.

And this brings me to the terrible truth about children’s museums…The truth is they’d be a lot more fun without children in them. 

I mean, sure the youngest loves the pre-school room.


And the oldest loves the water center.

Sci Quest Water Play

 And the kids have a ton of fun when they go.


 But…I’m having WAY too much fun myself to watch the kids.

Seriously, magnetic sand!Magnetic Sand Sci Quest

How cool is this stuff!

Oooh! Oooh! The felt room!

First of all, I love felt.*

And I love these butterflies you can decorate with felt pieces.

Felt Sci Quest

 I want one at my house!

Felt Butterflies Sci Quest

 Um…yeah, Stella if you could just go on and get away from the butterflies because Mama wants to play!

Sci Quest Huntsville

 Each experiment has a plaque with an explanation that teaches you the science behind the experiment. Er…yeah, the minions totally ignore them.

Sci Quest Huntsville

 Honestly, I ignore them too because…

Have you seen how fabulous I look in this mirror?


 This is what my legs should have looked like. Long! **

Oh, I’m sorry child. I don’t have time to teach you about science because I’m too busy enjoying myself. 

I’m sure that’s what the founders envisioned when they dreamed about Sci-Quest – parents ignoring their children.

If you live in Huntsville, Go!


*Here’s when I don’t love felt: When I accidentally felt something my Mom has made me. Seriously, just don’t ask her about the amazing jacket she knit for James when he was a baby.

**This is what my Mom’s legs actually look like.


A Bull in a China Shop…

A Bull in a China Shop…

This weekend my Mom went to a retreat at the Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama. Before we picked her up the minions and I wandered around the grounds. It were really beautiful with several wooded pathways you could meander through.

One of the pathways was lined with the stations of the cross. I mean, I guess they were the stations of the cross. I’m not actually Catholic so I wasn’t totally sure.


Ya know, I always feel a bit like a bull in a china shop whenever I’m in a Catholic place. I had one Catholic friend growing up. That’s it! Just one. Weird, huh. I’ve only been in a Catholic church once for a wedding. Oh, I’ve been in Catholic churches in Europe and the like but never to participate in a service. So, I find myself trying really hard not to step on anyones toes or do anything wrong.

I also feel this way in the comic book shop – just a foreign place where I don’t know what I’m doing. 

The Monastery was gorgeous.

Benedictine Sisters

We found the labyrinth and spent an hour there walking around.


It was so cool and I now want one in my backyard.

Labyrinth at Sacred Heart

It was made of bricks, and no – I didn’t see Pan or David Bowie there.


I’ve actually never seen Labyrinth. Crazy, I know!


I did see Pan’s Labyrinth and it was amazing.

The plaques from the stations of the cross were beautiful.


We didn’t find all fourteen but what we found was lovely.

The cemetery for the nuns was just as a cemetery should be. Calm and peaceful. With lots of pretty trees surrounding it.

Cemetery Sacred Heart

So about that bull in the china shop…


Nailed it.

And about all that peacefulness at the monastery…


Yeah…maybe when we’re gone.

Behind the Scenes…

Behind the Scenes…

Once a month Crystal Stine hosts a link up called ‘Behind the Scenes.’ The concept is simple, post a picture and tell the audience (Hi Mom!) what was going on behind the scenes in that picture. I’ve participated in it before. 

Let’s take a look at this one, shall we.


Oh, what a beautiful shot. The young lady sits in the tree as the sunset fades to darkness in the background. Such a peaceful scene. The perfect amount of light amidst the tree branches. Yes, so peaceful.

Er…imagine the sound of breaks screeching…

No, no it was not peaceful. It was not peaceful AT ALL.

A few Sundays ago I got the bright idea to take the kids to a production of The Tortoise and the Hare at the local children’s theatre – Fantasy Playhouse. To further enhance this idea I decided to invite the in-laws too. So…no pressure on the kids behaving, right?

Stella is four. And she’s a squirrelly four. That’s right, I said squirrelly. I mean, if you’re thinking a demure little princess that ain’t her.

She lasted approximately ten minutes in the theatre. Ten minutes of ‘what kind of animal is he? Why is she wearing that? When can I get my popcorn? What color is the sky?’ type questions.

I told her over and over again ‘Shhhh! This is a play! You have to be quiet!

Of course, that’s what I was saying. What I was thinking though was ‘You are embarrassing me in front of my mother in law!’  

Hello Pride, nice to meet you. 

Finally, I abandoned ship and said ‘let’s go, now!’

We walked out of the theatre and within seconds she had kicked off her fancy shoes and climbed the nearest tree. She yelled ‘I’m not looking at you because you are mad at me!’


Yep, that’s her not looking at me.

Within seconds she was telling me ‘can I get a stick and you throw it to me so I can pretend to be a dog?’

Feral children, people. That’s what we’re raising.

So, one day, someone may see this picture in our album and thing ‘Wow, That’s quite an image!’ and they’d be right.

They’d be right not because of the light composition but because of the beautiful hot mess that is being four.