Yo…Yo…You Could Be This Crafty

On the way to Blackberry Farm a couple months ago my friend Liz got very crafty. 
She went through her little’s baby clothes and picked out particular items that were sentimental to her.

She then made them into an amazing Yo Yo wall hanging. 
For instance, the fabric from the out grown car seat became a Yo Yo that made up lots of Yo Yo’s for the Yo Yo Wall Hanging. 
At least, I think it’s called a Yo Yo quilt.

Yep, yo yo.
Yo yo is one of those terms that sounds really weird the more times you say it. 
Go on. 
Try it.
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

Oooh! Ooooh! I was cleaning out a drawer at my Mom’s house a couple days ago and found this…um…awesome…craft. 
It’s vintage even.

Yes, I made this ceramic Guess symbol at camp in 1986.
I was clearly…
Materialistic? Uncrafty?

…a Professor of pop culture.
Judging by this early attempt it’s best that I leave the crafting to other people.
Because, really, how many ceramic Guess symbols do we really need?
Here is the finished Yo Yo quilt project. 
She uses it as a wall hanging. 
It turned out amazing and is such a great thing to do if you:
A. Aren’t a quilter – it’s really not hard!
B. Have items of baby clothes you are too sentimental to give away but don’t want to rot away in an attic. 
So, go search your baby clothes boxes and get cracking!

Sophisticated…Not So Much


I’ve blogged before about how you can’t take us to fancy restaurants. 

That was very apparent a couple weeks ago when we went to Grille 29 in Providence with friends.

As you can see from the website’s header it’s billed as sophisticated. Yep, that’s true.

Except, not so much when we were there.

It wasn’t the restaurants fault and this time it really wasn’t my fault either.

See, Billy got a steak and didn’t eat the whole thing and that’s when we noticed…

Well, see for yourself:

His leftover steak was very…versatile.




Oh, come on! Everyone does this in fancy restaurants right?

The crazy thing was this isn’t even the least sophisticated thing that was done this night.

Certain people got to telling stories about their high school reunions that may or may not have involved bar fights, broken bottles and grown women pulling hair.

It was great.

Greater than steak shaped like states even!

And come on! That’s pretty great.

Yep, pretty great.

A Security System…

The boys were out of school the Monday after Easter. It was glorious…

Oh, summer! Hurry up and get here!

…so I loaded them up in the Jeep and headed to Across the Pond and Bennett’s Nursery.

That is, I loaded them up after I had dropped Little Miss Troublesome at play school.

Poor child – having to go to play school while her brothers get to wander.

Someone had left the doors off the Jeep so it was a pretty dang cold ride through town.

And by someone, I mean Billy.

Hi. My name’s Billy and I like to leave doors off of Jeeps.”

When we got to the nursery I wasn’t about to put the doors back on. That would be way too much trouble. And besides, there was nothing in the Jeep anyone would want to steal. With that in mind I also thought…what the heck…let’s just leave the keys too.

Security System? Nah. We’re too cool for that.

We are not to cool for the pond at Across the Pond though.

Or the porch bed. 

If I had a porch bed I’m not sure I would ever accomplish anything.
The fish at Across the Pond were…
Well, they were weird.

What was God thinking?
And in a case of ‘what was I thinking’ I spent several minutes re-tracing my steps trying to find my keys only to remember:
Hello, woman. You left them in the blasted Jeep.

And you think WE are the weird ones?”

Touche’, fish.