THAT’S your adventure!

THAT’S your adventure!

Oh, how to blog this. How to blog this…

Yesterday I took the kids to Clarkston Covered Bridge in Cullman. I took some great pictures and the easiest thing in the world would be to post the pics and talk about what an amazing time we had.  I could put the pics on Pinterest and the kids would look adventurous and what not. And you’d be all ‘what a great Mom and Aunt to take the kids somewhere fun!’

However…that’s not exactly what happened. Sunday, while we were at my parent’s lake house, James earned the right to purchase a video game he’s been wanting for a long time. How he did that is a whole other judgement inducing post. So, the idea of getting this video game took hold in his mind and he began asking ‘when can we go to GameStop’ as soon we got in the car to head home.

Because I’m AWESOME Because I thought it might be nice on the way back to take the kids geocaching, I side tripped over to the covered bridge. This idea was not nice with James. He immediately began complaining ‘I’m ready to go home’ ‘I want to get my new game!’ ‘Too many bugs’ etc.

This stupid video game was wrecking our fun and he hadn’t even played it yet. He had this incredible area to explore full of creeks and sand and cousins and all he could think about was the XBox.

“It’s this really awesome adventure game.” I overheard him say to his cousin. I snapped. I, oh let’s call it a ‘momma snap.’ That’s right, I Momma Snapped.

JAMES! THIS is your adventure! See those dark woods? Go play in them! Go have a REAL adventure! Not the one you play with your hands but the one you are actually in!”

He didn’t find the speech near as stirring as I did.

I get so frustrated because I fear that he is wasting his childhood. I feel like I’m letting him waste his childhood. I fear that twenty years from now his memories with his cousins will be sitting side by side with each other on their separate devices.

So, yep. I’m going to keep taking those side trips.

Snakes may be involved.

Watch Our For Snakes
Bridges straight up out of Sleepy Hollow may be involved.

Clarkston Covered Bridge

Creeks that lead to deep dark woods are a given.

Clarskton Covered BridgeFallen trees? Bring it.

Clarkston Covered Bridge

 Tadpoles the size of my hand are unexpected but worthy of our adventures.


And darn it all, we’re gonna have fun. After all, some birds fly out of the nest of their own volition and some need to be pushed.

Geocaching at Clarskton Covered Bridge

Prepare for the pushes, kids.


Encouraged by (In)Courage

Encouraged by (In)Courage

Ahem…Can I talk to the ladies for just a minute? Okay, now that the men are gone I’d like to tell you about the (In)Courage Groups that are opening today on Facebook. Since the men are gone I’d also like to take this opportunity to complain about the sport of baseball. (In)Courage Facebook groups are safe online communities to join for fellowship, support, and wisdom. Groups meet for six weeks. There are over SEVENTY groups you can choose from to join but groups top out at thirty so if it seems like something you’d be interested in doing head on over to (In)Courage and do it!


There are groups for women in every stage of life. Newly weds to Empty Nesters, Working Women and Stay at Home Moms, Bible Studies and Book Clubs. Goodness, look at me! Capitalizing all the things!

This season my friend Heather and I will be leading a group called The 411 on Psalm 119. I’ve always wanted to study that passage more intently…hmmm, should it be intensely or intently? This is what will happen if you join my group, ladies. You’ll have to put up with my grammar and spelling shenanigans... and this seemed like a great chance to do it.


 Hey look! It’s me and my friend Heather! 

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible but don’t worry we’ve got six weeks to delve into it’s riches. Or six weeks to complain about how hard it is to understand – could go either way. Haha. Just kidding, no complaining from me I promise. In the (In)Courage group will look at some scripture, pray for each other and get to know one another better. I’d love to see you there!

Here is the link to look at all the awesome groups that are forming!

Here is the link to our group! 

Here is the link to ALL the groups you can choose from!

So, if you’re a Facebook kinda gal come on over and join up!

What Sponge Bob and Van Gogh Have in Common

What Sponge Bob and Van Gogh Have in Common

Last night I went to an Usborne Books party at a friend’s house. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ‘Oh, no! Not a home party!’ and I get that. The thing is though, I actually enjoy home parties. You get to see people that don’t require you to feed and clothe them. You get to see where people live. Home parties rock! I don’t know. I guess I’m just quirky like that. Plus, I love Usborne books. They are really nice, not too expensive, and I enjoy reading them.

Something was said at the party though that really got me thinking. The Usborne Rep was explaining to us that Usborne was an alternative to Scholastic for Book Fairs.

Hold up. How much did you LOVE the book fair in school? I used to be manic when it was book fair time. I remember sitting in class thinking, ‘when are they going to let us go to the book fair!’ See, I told you I was quirky. 

One of her selling points was that ‘we don’t carry books like Sponge Bob.’ When she said this there was a general sense of ‘Oh, good! Saved from the dreaded Sponge Bob!’ I wouldn’t remark on it but she said it three times ‘we don’t carry books like Sponge Bob.’

The very next sentence though she was recommending a book of art with Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the cover. Obviously, a great work of art. A great artist.

Plus, how great is the Dr Who episode that features Van Gogh. So good!

th-4 But…I don’t know. It just struck me as kind of funny that we are rejecting Sponge Bob, I assume from a moral standpoint, but we are accepting Van Gogh. Or maybe it’s being rejected from a ‘its low brow’ humor thing.

Now, I know that cutting off the ear and mailing it to a prostitute story may be a bit embellished but I’m still not sure I want to base my morals on Van Gogh. Or Spongebob.


Can’t we just look at both and say they are art without placing a moral value on it.

As I’m writing this I see my argument kind of falling apart. Expose a kid to Sponge Bob and he may learn the word ‘butt’ – expose them to Van Gogh and he just sees swirls.

I don’t know. Personally, I like Sponge Bob. It’s funny. It’s art.


I saw Starry Night in Paris when I was eighteen and teared up. It’s art, obviously, it’s art. No one would say it isn’t.

Just seemed strange to reject the one outright and trumpet the other.

My, aren’t I the opinionated one today! What’s up with that?

Let’s just chalk it up to Friday.