Everyone Remain Calm…

Let’s all just remain calm.
I have no idea what happened to my blog.
I mean…
 I tried to tinker with the layout just a bit and then this travesty happened.
It’s all the picture on the rights fault.
“They” say that you have to have your picture somewhere on your blog.
Who are ‘they’ you ask?
I don’t know but ‘they’ write all kinds of articles about how to blog.
Unfortunately the more I messed with it the worse it got.
And now I’m missing pages and the font is all messed up.
Hello, first world problems.
The bottom line is that I really wish I would have paid more attention in Computer class in high school.
I know so little about it that when people try to explain it I’m just at a loss.
“Blogger platform”, “HTML”, “”Encryption Code”
It’s kinda like when I go to get my oil changed.
I love how they show you the oil on the stick at the end for your approval.
Like I know anything about what they are doing.
“Oh sure, that’s the oil stick all right…”
I mean I barely know how to braid the two year olds hair much less make an accurate assessment of the oil level in a car.
Hello, braids.
I’m hoping that I can sit down and figure this business out tomorrow.
And maybe find my lost pages.
Or I might just sit around and practice braiding.
I’m for it. 

The best sound in the world…

You know what the best dang sound in the world is?
Why, yes…That’s right!

It is the sound of basketball shoes squeaking on the gym floor.
Isn’t that just the best sound?
You know when someone makes an abrupt pivot on the wooden floor and their shoes make that squeak?
I love that sound.
Love it.That sound even tastes good.

And yes, sounds can taste.

It tastes like Cherry Blow-Pops dipped in coke and Frito Pie and happiness.


I love high school basketball games.

I don’t know why.

Here me and the oldest minion are at a game last year.
And then the serious face.

And the not so serious face.

I love them.
You know what other sound is the best in the world?
And your going to have to work with me on this one because you may have never noticed it before…
The sound Hershey’s Kisses make when you press them into a hot peanut butter cookie.
Hot Peanut Butter Cookies.
Then you take a Hershey Kiss and press it into the cookie.
It makes this fantastic steam puff escaping kind of sound.
Oh, just try it.
It’s a great sound.
Here is what isn’t a great sound…
My alarm clock.
I mean it’s a pleasant sound but it results in this:
Piles of children laying around the house in odd locations.
You gotta watch this minion.
He wanders off and falls back asleep after he has been woken up.
And then he doesn’t make any sound.
And then I have to make several loud sounds to find him and wake him.
Maybe I should have him wear squeaky basketball shoes.
Then I could find him.

The box…

The eight year old loves to go to the local comic book store. 
It’s called The Deep.
I’m new to the whole comic book store scene. 
The store has been there for 15 years now though so they must be doing something right. 
People go there to buy comic books and to play these role playing games. 
Magic and the like.
I have no idea how they make money because comics are pretty dang cheap and isn’t Magic free to play?
It’s a mystery.
But comic books and boys seem to go hand in hand so I figure I’d better get familiar with it. 
Here’s the deal:
Of course you can go to the store, pick out a comic book, and then buy it but where is the fun in that?
The cool thing to do, according to the eight year old, is to get a ‘box.’ 
You fill out paperwork that tells the store what comics you want to buy and then as they come in they put them in your box. 
Then when you come in your box is waiting for you full of comics.
Here he is filling out his paperwork to get his comic.
Other paperwork he has filled out recently:
A paragraph with clues about who he is for us to pick out which desk was his on parents night. 
Note that he has let us know that:
His second favorite restaurant is Logans. 
Not sure why he chose to put his second favorite restaurant in the paragraph but there ya go. 
Also note that his second favorite book series is Harry Potter. 
We are half way through the first book. 
You know you kinda have to feel jealous of British kids. 
They get to hear their bedtime stories read to them in British accents. 
Harry Potter just has to be better in a British accent. 
Alas, the perils of growing up in Alabama.
You have to have your bedtime stories read to you in a Southern accent. 
That was a perk for Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. 
Not so much of a perk for Peter Pan and Harry Potter.
Oh, well. 
He’ll have to use his imagination. 
Comic books should help with that.