A bill…

A couple mornings ago I found this…um…’bill’ on my refrigerator. 
When I sought out the author of the bill I was given quite the explanation for it’s existence.
Apparently while I was out of the room his little sister spilled his milk. He was giving me the bill because as the Mom I should have been watching her.
Man! Who knew milk was so expensive?
$8 a glass is pretty steep. 

This kid is getting expensive. 
I don’t like his chances on collecting that debt.


Sunday I took the minions and their cousins to the country. We drew water from the old well, hiked, played in the fort, and explored.
When we got down to the little cabin on the property I crouched down underneath the house to see if I could see anything interesting.
How many trips to the emergency room have been precipatated by someone just trying to see if they could see anything interesting, I wonder.

This is what I saw:
A very large snakeskin tucked up amongst the beams of the house.
It was one of those blasted moments where I really needed another grown up to be around.
You see…
I needed to get that snake skin. It was intact. It was huge. The kids really needed to see it. I wanted it for Cousin’s Camp.
And yet…
Who the heck wants to stick their hand under a house and pull a snake skin out?
Ick factor aside I reached in and began to gently tug.
It did not come easy! That thing was wedged in tight.
Oh, quit whining and get the snake skin Aunt Paula.”

“Mom is scared. That’s hilarious.”
After I pulled it out it we were surprised to see that it was over five feet long.
It was in almost perfect condition.
As ghastly as this is you could actually see where the eyes had been.
The eyes!
It was beyond creepy.
But, I was glad I got it.
When we got back in the car I kept expecting the snake skin to move or something.
At one point it slipped off the car seat and I said “Oh no! It fell! Get it, quick!”
My nephew smirked at me and said:
I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

Of course, the question that we are all asking is…
Where’s the dang snake? I mean…It was over five feet in it’s old skin so it must be even bigger now.
So…whose even more excited about Cousin’s Camp now?!

We Will…

When the first minion had just turned two we decided to take a trip to Disney World.
It is the happiest dang place in the world, after all.
No seriously, I DO think it’s the happiest place in the world.

As you can see I was just about ready to bust out another kid.
People thought we were crazy when we told them we were taking a child that age to Disney World.
Our pediatrician rolled his eyes when I told him.
Rolled his eyes, I tell you!
He haughtily told us:
You know he is never going to remember that, don’t you?
I answered back “I know HE won’t but I will.”
Going to Disney with a kid that age can be hard.
However, when he looked up in the sky and saw Tinkerbell flying from Cinderella’s Castle he gasped and said:
Mommy, she’s real!”

Disney sure knows how to sell it.
And I’m not even a sentimental person!
But seeing his face light up a thousand times on that trip.
It was pretty freaking magical.
Now he is nine.
I’m absolutely not saying I wish he was still that age.
I’m blessed to be able to see him grow up.
However, there is still a part of me that sees that child whose face lit up at Tinkerbell every time I look at him.