Merry Kiva Christmas.

Merry Kiva Christmas.

For Christmas I asked Billy to put some cashola into my Kiva account. I love, LOVE, love Kiva. If you’ve got $25 you can loan it to someone (interest free) in a developing country. I love getting on Kiva and reading everyone’s stories.

kiva christmas

We’ve done it three times so far and every time we’ve done it we’ve gotten paid back.

So, it was super fun to get a $200 Kiva credit and get to make eight loans.

I loaned:

$25 to Nika in Georgia (the country not the state so, no, you can’t say Go Dawgs) to buy a taxi,

$25 to Zubaida in Pakistan to buy a calf,

$25 to Luis in Mexico so he could buy a house (he and his wife and kids have been living with his mother in law – ouch),

$25 to a group of women in Cambodia who need the money for sesame and rice seed for their plot of land,

$25 to Delwende in Burkina Faso for college,

$25 to a group of women in Tanzania to buy more stock for their shop,

$25 to Thamer in Iraq who needs a better mixer for his bakery,

$25 to Rida in Lebanon who needs the money for a tool in his machine shop,

So other people around the world put in their $25 and together these people get to do awesome things.

So cool, huh!

kiva for christms

And less you think I’m super philanthropic I also spent $225 bucks for this on Christmas:

A video by Whitney Cooper Videography of the minions doing what the minions do – minus the fighting and name calling. 

Go on and click on it. It has a high level of awesome.

Bust Open the Barn Doors

Bust Open the Barn Doors

On the Saturday before Christmas Day my Dad’s people get together in, yes, a barn, to celebrate Christmas. This year we had eighty people there. EIGHTY.  Er…wait. Okay, actually it was 79 1/2. We did have eighty stockings though. It was great.

Here’s what my Dad’s family does well: have meaningful celebrations, create and maintain traditions, and genuinely enjoy spending time together.

Here’s what they don’t do well: handle conflict and realize the need to change the dang date of this here celebration.

And yet, barn christmas is still fun (just less fun then it would be if it was the second Saturday before Christmas.)

So…Christmas in the barn. I blogged about it a couple years ago. 

Here’s what you need to know: There are babies. Lots of babies.

Fat baby feet

And look Billy! They sleep all the time! We should totally get one! 

sleeping baby

 See! He’s sleeping! 


 “Step away from that baby, woman!”

Wilson Christmas is actually considerably easier than it used to be. We have a ton of kids that are all the same age and when they were toddlers is was…um…problematic.


But now this crew is clearly less trouble than they used to be.


Although, now that I think about it, that one on the right looks downright mischievous. Hmmm, I watching you kid!

Did I mention the babies?











I know Christmas is supposed to be all peace and tranquility.

sleeping toddler

But usually it feels more like this:


A big ole blur.

A big ole barn blur.

Happy Christmas all!

Driving the Bus Like a Boss

Driving the Bus Like a Boss

I know the whole ‘like a boss’ thing is probably passé by now (kinda like the word passé) but I’m always late to those parties so I’m going to use it.

Anywho, it’s a fact that the city of Auburn turns my kids into self confident goof balls. I have no idea why. Two places affect James that way. Auburn and  the family land in the country. From the second he steps on to campus he walks around like he was responsible for the building of Toomer’s Corner. Which of course we stop at every time we visit. This last visit for the Iron Bowl was no different.

Lemonade at Toomer's Corner

This year we made sure to do the locker room tour. Back in college we knew a friend who knew a friend and we were able to get in crazy early one morning (and by early I probably mean eleven but, ya know, college hours.)

Here we are in the locker room in 1996.

Auburn Locker Room 1996

The locker room has changed quite a bit since then – although the men in this picture are still tall.

The line to get in was looooong.

There was much of this:






 Climbing that fence is the only way you’re getting into the Iron Bowl, kid.

And finally this epic shot.

Jordan Hare Stadium

It was worth the wait. The locker room was really cool and they even let you go out into the field. Well, close to it anyway.

Tre Mason's locker Auburn

Tre Mason’s locker.

The field looks even bigger and brighter up close.

Jordan Hare Stadium

Pat Dye Field

Oh, look. Our Christmas Card! Because nothing says ‘football isn’t an idol in our life’ like making your Christmas Card on Pat Dye Field. Dang it. 


ESPN’s College Game Day was on campus and the kids got to pick from the leftover signs.

Malzahn Fear the Vest

He carried this sign around all day…wait for it…LIKE A BOSS.


Stella took a liking to the Gus Bus.

The Gus Bus Auburn

She drove that bus…LIKE A BOSS.

He was too excited to get a sign.


Too excited…LIKE A BOSS!

Alright, I’ll stop now. After all, I’m supposed to be wrapping gifts right now…LIKE A BOSS!

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist.


And I’m sorry to the Alabama fans (if there are any left) that read the blog. I’ll stop talking about Auburn soon. Well, soonish.