Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

Back in the summer I was beyond frustrated to see that my very favorite spot in our neighborhood had been marked up with spray paint. It’s really a beautiful spot. Covered in wildflowers during the summer and right next to Indian Creek.


The creek is full of frogs, snakes, and turtles. Just really a nice spot.

Someone had spray painted Trump 2016 on a tree. Look, you all know I didn’t vote for the man but I pinky promise the reason for being annoyed at the spray paint has nothing to do with him as a person. If it said Jane Austen 2016 I’d still be irritated at it.

Right after it happened someone tried to pick the bark off the T but I’m pretty sure Rump 2016 looks just as bad. I though about looking for bark colored spray paint but I was pretty sure that would be just as bad.

Enter yarn bombing. I thought if I wrapped yarn around it it would look like one of those cool artsy things you see in big cities. Ya know, like this:

yarnbombing2It would look all Pinterest worthy and I could blog about it.

Um…Sadly, that is not how my attempt turned out.


Nailed it, right? Or wrong. I thought about leaving it. I thought, well, surely that’s better than the cruddy graffiti. I actually walked home and tried to put it out of my mind.

Then I started thinking about the unintended consequences of the ill formed yarn bomb. I started imagining it unraveling and little Disney forest animals becoming entangled in it. Cute little foxes being dragged down by it. You know, like the stories you hear of stupid things humans do to fix things that actually make them worse.

The unintended consequence of the spray paint is that it irritates me and that’s not so bad. Better than sad little yarn covered animals dying on the greenway.

So, I cut it all down and now Rump 2016 once more reigns supreme.

Night Time at the Lake…

Night Time at the Lake…

Well, I think we can all agree that the $5 I spent on expired face masks at the Dollar General in Crane Hill, Alabama was money well spent.


I mean, really, where else can you find something this entertaining.


Multi generational fun right here, folks.

After all, we can’t play…uh, what is this? Scattergories? Taboo? 24-7. We need a break from all this competition. Dude! Haden is ready with that timer.


Oh look! It’s Tucker. Wahhh!!!!! He decided to be super fancy and go to the University of Virginia for college. I’m 0-2 on nephews attending Auburn. Avery is at Troy but I’m holding out hope for Haden.

img_0082Blast. I still can’t see what that game was.


Billy isn’t much on ye olde board games. It’s all kinds of vexing because I love them. We once played Monopoly with Billy’s best friend and his wife – the men got so mad at each other over the game that we ended up having to awkwardly leave. True Story.


I mean, SERIOUSLY, TRUE STORY. They had to like ‘have a talk about it’ afterward. Just don’t play board games with competitive people. It’s no bueno.

Hmm…maybe we should have done face masks instead of Monopoly? That clearly would have been a better option.


Without All the Drama…

Without All the Drama…

Oh man – eight and a half hours of sleep two nights in a row did me right this weekend! How did I get all this blissful sleep you ask? Well, I ditched the family and headed to Auburn for a sorority reunion. Sleeping in a hotel room by myself – well, what can I say? It was glorious.


The weather at Samford Hall? Also glorious.

Friday night a group of us went to a swank party at a local alumni’s house. If it wouldn’t have been completely gauche I would have taken pictures. Kids, it was straight up out of a Pinterest dream.


The party was so nice. Marguerite is in the white. She’s an includer. Whatever Spell Check includer is totally a word. She includes people. Do you have a ride? Want me to pick you up? That’s Marguerite. A  group of us sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

On a negative note, I’ll say – those girls that were snotty in college? Yeah, still snotty. The exciting thing is I no longer care. College is pretty fun without the drama…pretty fun with it too.

The next morning we toured the new dorm – yes I said dorm. In Auburn, sororities aren’t allowed to have houses. It’s a thing. A stupid thing but a thing. Don’t get me started.


Let me tell you the new dorms make our old dorms look like roach motels. Each person has their own room, you only have to share a bathroom with one other person and theres a kitchen and a living room! Sheesh, no wonder college is so expensive these days.



My class:


Before the dorm tour I stopped at University Donut to have a salad…or a doughnut I can’t remember which one.


This adorable couple was there recapping their nights. Clearly they were friends and not dating due to the fact that they were telling each other about their bad dates the night before. What was also clear was that they should be dating. I thought about intervening but managed to hold myself back.

It kinda reminded me of that Driscoll sermon series (yes, I know he’s very much out of fashion now but this was legitimately funny) he did on marriage. He was using the book of Ruth and kept saying ‘look for a guy that loves God and look for a girl that gleans well.’ So, the next week these two people show up and the guy is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘loves God’ and the girl is wearing a t-shirt that said ‘gleans well.’ So, these two best friends had gone and had these custom t-shirts made. It was adorable. He looks at them and says ‘so you guys are dating?’ ‘Nope, we’re just best friends.’  ‘See me after the service. We need to change that.’ He then rags on them about why they aren’t dating.

Well, that’s what I felt like doing to this couple. Hopefully they’ll come around without my intervention.

Speaking of interventions I may need one because you know what else I did Saturday? Saw TWO movies in the theatre! My cousin BayLee and I saw The Great Wall and then I saw LalaLand.

What can I say? The absolute freedom I had this weekend went to my head.