About AKA Jane Random

Back in the day the college paper had a section called “Ask Joe Random” or “Ask Jane Random” in which a student was profiled with mind bending questions like:

Do you prefer to stay out or go in?


Do you watch Road Rules or The Real World?

Life or death people. Life or death.

I always wanted to be chosen. Everyone always wanted to be chosen. The writers were good and the interviews were very funny.

When I decided to start a blog to share my monkiness amongst the web I decided to use AKA Jane Random as my blog name to fulfill my Jane Random dreams.

Why start a blog?

Have you seen my laundry pile?

It’s scary. For real, I’m thinking of naming it. And let’s face it: It needs to be avoided at all costs.

Therefore I blog.

Because procrastinating while blogging is way more fun that just procrastinating. And because the laundry pile grows and is ever present…

I blog a whole heck of a lot.

Me in a nutshell? So glad you asked.

I’m a Christ follower…

An extrovert that operates at level 1000…

A traveller…

An Auburn Fan…

A wanna be runner…

A laid back wife and Mom…


Darn it, I do love the ellipsis…

From this: IMG_3322

To this:



See! I totally turned out fine. Well, fineish.

Oh, keep your opinions to yourself.