Maybe For the Twenty Fifth

Maybe For the Twenty Fifth

In Disney World this year Billy and I were determined to recreate a picture we took in the Magic Kingdom in 1997, ya know, back when we were babies. Since our fifteenth anniversary is coming up in August I thought this was a good year for it. Aw, we were so cute…

Here it is:


I can guarandangtee you that I was wearing super high wasted jeans. Also, Billy looks exactly the same. Weirdo.

The problem with recreating this particular picture is we just couldn’t figure out where we took it originally. The People Mover wasn’t high enough, the rocket ships were the wrong angle…we were stumped. We talked to several cast members and they didn’t know either.

Eventually, we decided to go with the People Mover and just wing it. Okay, actually I decided that. It was killing poor Billy not to find the exact spot.

I swan, at least once a week in our house this exchange happens:

Me: Oh, let’s just do it this way. It’s close enough.

Him: No! We have to do it the right way! It has to be perfect!

So what followed was a whole lot of hilarity as we tried to recreate it. He would say…okay, here it comes…ready, your hand here, my chin here, Castle behind us…smile now!

Except it was never quite right, so we ended up riding the People Mover over and over again.

PicMonkey Collage

Good gravy, my nose gets bigger and bigger the older I get. It’s like I’m Pinocchio, over here.

We never could nail it. Hours later we realized that’s because we actually took it from the Sky Buckets which were removed a million years ago.

Darn it, Disney! I hate that they took the sky buckets out. I loved those suckers. They were such good places to make out. They were so much fun to ride.

So, the bad news is we didn’t get to recreate the picture. The good news is we found another place to make out.

Oh, calm down. It was just one little kiss on Spaceship Earth.

IMG_3983I guess we’ll just have to try again to recreate that picture on the twenty fifth.


Tantrums and Silent Fights

Tantrums and Silent Fights

Billy and I went to Walt Disney World a couple weeks ago without the kids and let me tell you, it was magical with a capital M.


When we first arrived in the Orlando airport and put our Magic Bands on we had a bit of a panicky moment where we thought: ‘Maybe we should have taken the kids. Are we really going to enjoy it without them?” The answer to that was a resounding YES.


Side note: that hairy arm with the orange band – it’s mine. What can I say, me and Sasquatch are totally related. 

A couple times during the trip we did say something along the lines of ‘Oh, I wish the kids were here!‘ but then, like magic, some child near us would fall out in a tantrum and I’d give the tired Mama a solidarity sister look and then do a happy dance in my head because my kids were tucked away at their Grandparents.

So, next time you see your kid in the midst of some naughty behavior and think ‘Lord, why does he have to behave this way?‘ Just think, its probably because some smart (or selfish – depends on how you look at it) parents that wanted some time a freaking lone needed to be reminded that it’s nice to just be with your spouse sometimes.

Also…I don’t want to jinx anything for the future but, y’all, we did not fight ONE SINGLE TIME on our vacation. Nary a once!

I’m pretty sure that’s the first time we’ve made through a vacation without wasting time fighting. We have traveled a lot and wasted a stupid amount of time fighting in some pretty exotic locales. Badly done, Claunches. Badly done. But not this trip! Mickey worked his magic.

Okay, hold up, wait a minute. We did technically fight on the way to the airport.

It was what I like to refer to as a ‘Silent Fight.’ That means, I got mad at him and had a fight with him about it in my head. So, while I sat and brooded and said ‘nothing is wrong’ when he asked, really I was giving him the business for whatever he said.

I’m just the best, am I right?

And next time you find yourself passing through these gates…


Well, not actually these gates, but any kind of ‘time without kids’ gates. The movies, the beach, the mountains, a hotel for the night, heck – even a trip to Baskin Robbins…remember, it’s nice to have some time away and, good gravy, don’t waste it fighting. Silent or otherwise.

It’s Guacamole Not Guacamagic

It’s Guacamole Not Guacamagic

My goodness, do I love Chipotle! They have the best guacamole in the city. I’d say the state but Little Donkey in Homewood has the best in the state. Their guacamole is like magic. I don’t know if you have a Chipotle in your neck of the woods but we have one right around the corner from our house. We go there WAY too much.

It’s crazy crowded at lunch time and you usually end up sitting by strangers. It’s one of those restaurants that has long bars to sit at instead of tables. Since I’m a big extrovert I don’t have a problem with that. Bring on the strangers! The more the merrier and all that.


Last week though? Even though it started like your typical visit to Chipotle it didn’t end that way. The restaurant was packed so I sat down at the corner bar. No sooner had I arranged my stuff when a young guy and girl sat down right beside me and began to shoot the breeze with each other.

At first it was the typical stuff. ‘How have you been?’ and “How’s your brother?’ Then, without warning, the girl looks at the guy and says:

“Remember when we used to date? Maybe we should try that again.”

Like a boss, girl! You go!


“Even I know you’re not supposed to eavesdrop.”

Shhh. Go away, child.

Well, of course, I was all in on this conversation. I didn’t even have to try and eavesdrop since the girl was talking so loudly and we were packed in so tight.Their conversation started out perfectly. It was like magic and romance and stars in the sky and, darn it all, the cutest Taylor Swift song you can imagine. They brought up all the good times and remember how even grocery shopping was fun together. I just knew they were going to reconcile and the Chipotle guacamole was going to work its magic!

And then came Rochester.

Now I don’t remember who brought up Rochester. I don’t know whether they were talking about Rochester, New York or Rochester, New Hampshire but where ever it was, it did not go well for them in that city. In fact, it sounded so bad I don’t even want to go to a city named Rochester, like ever.

Things got even chillier after that. The mere mention of Rochester soured them both to the idea of ever getting back together. Finally he said ‘don’t ever mention Rochester to me again!’

I thought they might part on peaceful terms at least but then he had to go and complain about her dog.

‘Well, at least my dog doesn’t disrespect me in front of my sister!’

And that friends, was the end of the idea of getting back together. She picked up her trash, swished her ponytail, and walked out of that place with her head held high.

What can I say? It’s guacamole, not guacamagic.