No Shave Billy

No Shave Billy

On Christmas afternoon we abandoned the madhouse that was our home post Christmas and headed to Nashville to fly to Colorado. The good news is flying on Christmas day is much cheaper than flying the day after. Also, you see an inordinate amount of people in their Christmas pajamas – which, come on, just makes for good people watching.

We didn’t get into Denver until really late so the kids didn’t see what the town looked like until the next morning.¬†IMG_2861

Fresh snow! Enjoy the look of that ladies – it’s the last you’ll see while you’re in Colorado.¬†More on that later.

We wanted to stay in Denver for forty eight hours because I had read that, along with taking the Diamox, staying in Denver for a couple days before you head into higher elevations was a sure fire way to avoid altitude sickness. And since James, the freshman, ended up in the hospital with a serious case of altitude sickness last time we went to Snowmass we figured better safe than sorry.


We paled around the city. Went to Hammonds, swam in the pool, shopped, and ate at some good restaurants. The boys went to a Nuggets game.

And then? On to Snowmass.


Oh look! It’s no shave Billy! I LOVE no shave Billy. He only does it when we are on vacation so it always makes me happy to see. No work, no phone calls, no late nights and no early mornings! And no work stress!

Oh hey! If we had gotten stressed though look what my Dad found in our condo! Yep. It’s pot. You do you Colorado.


Don’t worry! None of the people in this picture were took advantage of Dad’s find.


We rode the new Alpine Slide at the top the Elk Camp gondola and it was fantastic. So worth the wait.

Kinda like no shave Billy is!

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