Just Put It On the Calendar…

Just Put It On the Calendar…

Football is just about over, isn’t it. Heck, Hank’s season ended in November. And as much as I love to watch him play, I gotta say I was kind of happy to see the end of that era. He’s made great friends and had fantastic coaches but I’m ready to have my Saturdays in the fall back. Next year he’ll play for the junior high team and they play during the week. Hello Auburn games!

We did manage to get down for one game this season. And James and I went to the Iron Bowl but that’s another story. We scooted out of town early and made it in time for the Ausome Amphibians and Reptiles presentation at the Kreher Nature Preserve outside of town. It was really cool.


It was a huge battle to go, though. No one else – except me – wanted to attend. The children heard the siren song of the corn nuggets at Niffer’s calling and didn’t see why I wanted to waste time looking at snakes. Billy didn’t want to go because I hadn’t ‘put it on the calendar.’

Y’all, it’s a whole thing. He just really needs for things to be on the calendar. Like, I could ask him to do HUGE crazy things and as long as they are on the calendar he is perfectly willing to do it. But if I forget…

For instance, if I wrote ‘Bring Paula hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream seasoned with the smiles of woodland fairies’ on the calendar at 9 pm tonight – I’m telling you that man would do it – no questions asked. And now that I mention it, homemade hot chocolate at nine pm tonight sounds fantastic. It’s troublesome but it’s on the calendar so he does it. But if I say, for instance, take forty five seconds out of your day and comment on my blog on FaceBook so we can beat the new algorithms and I haven’t put it on the calendar…well…

Whatever. It’s such an easy thing to do. I have absolutely no reason to be whiny about putting things on the calendar.


I’m happy to say, though, that every member of the family had to admit that the reptiles and amphibians were way better than they thought it would be.


The kids got to touch snakes, Billy worked on being flexible, and I got to reflect on how much easier my life would be if I would just put things on the dang calendar.

And look, those corn nuggets were still waiting for us when we got there.

It was so nice to be back in town. The kids have the freedom to wander around campus without us and we have the freedom to go to all our old haunts and reminisce.


You’ll notice we’re missing two children? Damien refuses to step foot inside the town of Auburn. He stayed home with my parents. We managed to pawn Gracie off on the Davis’ – our exemplary sitters – NO, YOU CAN NOT HAVE THEIR NUMBERS! THEY’RE OURS! ALL OURS!


We got seats on the third row. This meant that we could see everything that went on amongst the players and nothing of the actual game. Luckily, it was all on the jumbotron. Good gravy, look at my hairy arms!


We tailgated before hand with my cousin and her kids.


How cute are these tiny little things?

Hey girls! How do you feel about putting things on calendars? And since we mentioned the calendar again, I think I’ll go put that ‘bring Paula some hot chocolate’ thing on it.

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