Night Time at the Lake…

Night Time at the Lake…

Well, I think we can all agree that the $5 I spent on expired face masks at the Dollar General in Crane Hill, Alabama was money well spent.


I mean, really, where else can you find something this entertaining.


Multi generational fun right here, folks.

After all, we can’t play…uh, what is this? Scattergories? Taboo? 24-7. We need a break from all this competition. Dude! Haden is ready with that timer.


Oh look! It’s Tucker. Wahhh!!!!! He decided to be super fancy and go to the University of Virginia for college. I’m 0-2 on nephews attending Auburn. Avery is at Troy but I’m holding out hope for Haden.

img_0082Blast. I still can’t see what that game was.


Billy isn’t much on ye olde board games. It’s all kinds of vexing because I love them. We once played Monopoly with Billy’s best friend and his wife – the men got so mad at each other over the game that we ended up having to awkwardly leave. True Story.


I mean, SERIOUSLY, TRUE STORY. They had to like ‘have a talk about it’ afterward. Just don’t play board games with competitive people. It’s no bueno.

Hmm…maybe we should have done face masks instead of Monopoly? That clearly would have been a better option.


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