The Stupidity of Cows…

The Stupidity of Cows…

I used to be absolutely flummoxed by the concept of cattle guards. For those of you that don’t know, ¬†cattle guards are rods in the ground that keep cows from wandering out of their pens. Now how they accomplish that I really don’t know. It’s truly a quandary. How in the world can a few smooth metal bars in the ground keep them from getting out? Who first figured this out? How can they not work out how to cross over them?


Wow, cows must be really stupid.

But then…well, then I watched the three year old become absolutely undone by the gutter grate in the alley behind our house. She got the stroller wheel stuck in it and refused to think of an alternate way of getting through the alley. I mean, how dare that gutter be there impeding her progress from pushing her stroller. Sure she could have walked one step to the side but no – ¬†instead she chose to stand and yell at the grate for a concerning amount of time.


Even more concerning than the length of time it took her to give up was her absolute belief that the grate was going to get up, apologize, and move aside for her.

Look, we may not be rocking the socks off the ‘things a three year old should be able to do’ list the CDC publishes but we’re doing the best we can here. Well, best-ish at least.

I did take her to story time at the library a couple days ago and isn’t that worth something? Good news is the mean librarian didn’t even yell at me this trip. This girl yelled at me for talking too much.


She’s a big fan of telling me to ‘shh, shh, shh,’ Unfortunately Story Time didn’t result in her immediate ability to do all the things a three year year old should do but she had fun.


I’m not even going to photoshop that pen mark off of her. It is what it is.

Kinda like cows ability to maneuver cattle guards.






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