Kinda Perfect…

Kinda Perfect…

A couple weeks ago I took James to Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We flew – even though I’m pretty sure once you factor in the layover in the ATL we probably should have just driven. Oh well, what else are frequent flyer miles for.

I’m an introverts worst nightmare on a plane. The more nervous I get the chattier I get and nothing makes me chattier than flying. Oh, and that time I got seated next to my ex-boyfriend and his gorgeous wife at a class reunion…

I was totally bummed though when I got on the plane and saw that there was NO ONE on my row. The one person on the plane that actually wants to talk to people and I’m all alone.


Perfect North is just west of Cincinnati – super close to the Kentucky border. It’s actually really close to the Creation Museum too but since James and I kind of act like cynical jerks when we get too close to uber evangelicals we thought we should probably steer clear of that. We’re just the worst.

Perfect North was such a pleasant surprise. We went with James’ friend Ryan and his Mom. I was anticipating the skiing being majorly subpar – I’ve only ever skied in the West so I guess I was being a bit of a snob about it. But, I gotta say, skiing down a snow covered mountain is skiing down a snow covered mountain whether you’re in Colorado or Indiana.

Now, at elevation 800, obviously the runs are much shorter than those in the West but they are still really fun.


And, oh yeah, the snow was…uh…kinda lacking.

James’ friend had never skied before and watching him learn was quite the lesson in parenting. When his Mom was trying to help him he was falling all over the place and getting frustrated. The second she stepped back and let him find his own way he started doing GREAT. Ain’t that just the way parenting goes. Let me tell you, skiing is NOT easy to learn. He handled it like a pro though!

The crazy thing about skiing in Indiana is the lifts stay open crazy late. In fact, they didn’t close until 1:3o in ┬áthe morning. Skiing at night is super fun even though there were WAY too many unaccompanied minors around. Er…I guess our boys were unaccompanied minors too because they totally ditched us. Moms are so lame.


The runs were really good! I promise.

Unfortunately, this was also going down:


I can say without a doubt that skiing in the RAIN was definitely a first for me. It made for some milkshake like conditions.


“Alright we took the picture, now we’re outta here.”

Sadly, we could only stay two days and then we had to be out of there too.


Still…Perfect North was a pretty perfect trip.


  1. Lynda S says:

    You’re so funny! :)

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