The Plunger

The Plunger

Monday I went to a funeral at Union Grove Baptist Church. My cousin Laura Lee’s grandfather passed away this past weekend. I’m not talented enough to eulogize Mr Taylor. I don’t have half the words I’d need. Just know that he was an amazing man. And I know you’re probably thinking ‘well, sure, all old people are great’ but when I say amazing I seriously mean amazing.


Okay. I will say just a couple things:

He was 96 but enjoyed an incredible run of good health until almost the very end. He walked a lot and as he would walk he would collect cans. When he had enough he would turn them into the recycling plant and use the money to take his Sunday School out to dinner. That’s just the kind of man he was.

Speaking of Sunday School, he taught Sunday School his entire life. He was still teaching a class at 96. He was my Dad’s Sunday School teacher in 1967 – the year my parents got married.

When his wife died he kept a casserole she’d made in the freezer for over a year because he just couldn’t stand the thought of losing the last thing she cooked.

A man among men.

What does the funeral, which was completely packed, have to do with my thirtieth day of embarrassing stories? To answer that question I won’t tell a story I’ll just present a picture I drew. A diagram, if you will, let’s call it…

The long, long walk between the bathroom I was in and the plunger I needed.



Did I mention the church was FULL of people? Yeah, I thought I did. 


  1. Mom says:

    Yes, but you forgot to mention who it was that actually carried the plunger for you.

  2. How slow are you planning to stay here? Lolitas Bbs Pics Y is this dude gurgling and shit comparable an assclown…She can suck dick like a champ though…But Fellow, lock the fuck up…


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