I Told You People to Go Through Mentone…

I Told You People to Go Through Mentone…

Thursday morning at zero dark thirty I loaded my perfectly packed pink suitcase up into my super clean car and hit the road to Greenville, South Carolina. My friend Heather, another blogger, went with me. Our destination? Allume, of course.

Allume Greenville South


Yeah, I totally shoe polished the car. The kids were mortified and wanted it washed off immediately. Minions!

Allume is Christian conference for female bloggers that happens every year. Last year I went and absolutely loved it.

Now lets just look at the madness that is driving from Huntsville (my hometown – you should move here. It rocks.) to Greenville.


Does it annoy anyone else to have to drive in the shape of a snake when the city you need to go to is parallel to the city you’re in? Now as you can see, my iPhone wanted me to go through Chattanooga. Y’all. You know I can’t abide going to Atlanta any other way than through Mentone!

But we didn’t do it. See, Billy (my husband – insert Awwwww here) was trying to be nice and um, ‘let me’, use the Garmin. Now I hate the Garmin but darn it if he doesn’t think it’s the greatest thing ever. I agreed to use it and the next thing I knew we were crazy lost in the mountains of North Georgia. See, Monsieur Garmin didn’t want us to go through Mentone. It didn’t even want us to go through Chattanooga. Nope, it took us to Rome, Georgia and then to Nowheresville, Georgia, and yes, I did hear banjos in the background. If you don’t get the reference don’t look it up. 

The good thing about getting lost is that we stumbled upon this amazing store in Cartersville called Sew Know Serious.

Sew Knot Serious

I’m not sure how to even describe it. It was super eclectic and – like the sign says – quirky.

Bench made with tailgate

Benches made with the tailgates of pickup trucks.

Awesome chairs:

fabric covered chair

Scarves that could definitely be worn at Auburn games:

Cute scarf

It was fantastic. The kind of place that normally I drive by and think ‘Aw, man! If I didn’t have the kids with me I’d totally stop there!”

But look:

Allume 2013

No kids!

I’ll blog about Allume later. It was awesome as usual.

In the meantime I highly recommend just going through Mentone to get to Atlanta! But if you don’t do that, you should definitely end up in Cartersville because Sew Know Serious was super cool.


  1. Bo Williams says:

    Awww! That trip looks/sounds awesome! Makes me want to be a girl. Not in a creepy way.
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