New Year’s Bad News

Dear Readers,

I had a blog tonight written.

I even posted it.

I even got up at four dang thirty to write it.


Cooler heads have prevailed and it has been deemed a wee bit too controversial.


I know I promised to blog everyday but…

C’est la vie and all that stuff.

It’s back to fluff and nonsense tomorrow on the blog tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a happy new year.


  1. Leatherneck6693 says:

    Who was up at 4:30 am to talk you off the ledge?

  2. AKA Jane Random says:

    No one! I wrote it in the morning and published it in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my husband read it as soon as I published it and um…'encouraged' me to remove it. Now we are in a big fat fight! Oh, marriage. ; ) Oh! Oh! I mean: I decided to take it down on my own and my marriage is perfect all the time. Does that sound more blog worthy? Ha ha ha.

  3. nurseamy says:

    Boo!!!! I wish that I would've read it!!! Maybe because my Mom got miffed about one a couple of blogs ago and I didn't want to be alone.

  4. AKA Jane Random says:

    Sorry, Amy! I had to take one down a few months ago because it upset my Mom..

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