My Blind Side

I had a wreck yesterday. 
I was changing lanes and didn’t see a car in my blind side.
I side swiped the car and the driver somehow managed to maintain control and ended up on the shoulder of the road. 
Everyone’s fine but I was pretty upset over the ‘ifs’ that accompianed the situation. 
If the guy hadn’t been such a good driver he and the child in the car with him could have been really hurt. 
If there had been other cars around he could have hit them when his car swerved. 
If my own kids hadn’t been in car seats…
If I’d been texting…
If there had been pedestrians around…
And on and on and on. 
The driver of the other car was very nice.  
He didn’t speak much English but he was still very gracious.
Especially considering I could have killed him and is son with my carelessness.
He had a Bible in the car with him.
It’s so nice when Christians actually act like Christians.
Not like another time I had a wreck back in college:
I rolled into a car one Sunday. I was going maybe two miles an hour when it happened. It didn’t even cause a dent or a scratch. The couple that I hit though…You would have thought their car was totaled. They got out of the car and immediately began screaming…
And I do mean screaming

…at me. The man called me an idiot and a moron, among other things. 
Finally, the man in the car behind me got out of his car and told them to lay off me and go on. 
The couple I hit? They were coming home from church – dressed in their Sunday finest. They berated me for making them late to an after church luncheon. 
The dude that defended me? He was wearing a Metallica tee shirt and had spent his morning at Waffle House with some buddies. 
Freaking Christians.
Yesterday, after the wreck I called my husband and he and his best friend came to help. 
The front bumper was hanging by a thread and they had to cut it off. 
My car looks a bit like a Transformer now without the bumper. 
Well, a Transformer with really bad alignment.
It took awhile for the cops to show up. 

I waited. 
The police were nice. They made jokes with the kids and kept the lecture to a minimum. 
My husband took the bumper back to work with him. 
He sells used firetrucks and they have a firetruck bumper as a welcome desk. 
It’s very neat. It has working lights on it. It’s a very unusual use of a bumper.
He sent me this picture and message later in the day:
It said: “I guess we’ll stick with the firetruck.”
She’s down but not out. 
Just like me.


  1. liz says:

    Poor Stay Puft!! She held tight and did pretty good. It's not her fault she doesn't make a good desk!!!! SO glad y'all are ok. you can make anything funny in your blogs ; )

  2. Glenn Watson says:

    I hit a deer a few day sago in Wynde's car. $5000.00 in damage and the dear had no insurance. Probably here illegally since he ran off without saying a thing.

  3. Holli says:

    So glad you are ok! I hate those what if's :( your shoes are cute in the waiting pic, btw :-)

  4. Brig Carey says:

    The firetruck business needs a side business of making furniture from spare parts for kids (of all ages).

  5. AKA Jane Random says:

    That's a great idea! I'll look into it.

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