Well, That’s Something.

I mean…
To each his own and all that….
Let’s look at something:
It’s a book by Julia Segal. 
In it she showcases animals with casts. 
That’s it, that’s all the book is – just animals with casts.
It’s kinda one of those things where I think ‘oh, that will never work’ and then it happens and it works. 
Because, here is the deal:
If someone told me ‘I’m going to write a book with pictures of animals in casts’ I would have said they were crazy. 
Well, really I would have said “Oh, that sounds like a great idea! How neat!” 
I just would have secretly thought it was crazy. 

But, when I saw the book in a gift shop…
…I kinda wanted to buy it. 
I kind of wanted to buy it badly.
In the same store I came across this book:
Stuff on My Mutt

Pictures of a dog with different things on. 
I mean…I have no response to this.
It’s kinda like how I feel about the Pajamagram catalog.
Let’s look, shall we?
The first is a Union suit with a monogram on the booty.
I’m pretty sure if you are around someone in your Union suit you know them well enough not to need your name monogrammed on the booty.
I’m just don’t think these are the pajamas that people are wearing to Wal-Mart on the day after Christmas.
Alright, fess up.
Who is wearing these?
Also from the Pajamagram catalog are these beauties:
Apparently, these pajamas have ‘gone wild.’
Well, they’ve gone ‘something’ alright. 
Speaking of gone something…
My two best friends, Liz and Laura Lee, suffer from major cases of overexclamationpointitis.
For instance, 
Here’s an e-mail Liz sent the members of our Bible Study today:

Girls! Thank you for the responses already! I’m very excited!!! I don’t want to rush anyone to make a snap decision on Bible study, but i’m going to plan to order the books on Jan 3 – next Tuesday. That should give them time to get here by the first day! If you haven’t decided by then if you want to do the study, no worries! You can just snag a book on your own – at Lifeway, Family Christian, or Barnes and Noble! They have them all over! Also, if you have little ones that will be needing childcare, please let me know by the end of next week … that will give me time to get an extra sitter ; ) we may need one additional one depending on how many kiddos are coming! Ok, hope y’all are all having a great week!

Nine sentences, eleven exclamation points, and one smiley face.
I love Liz.
I decided to join in the madness by sending this e-mail to her and Laura Lee:

Meanwhile at the Bad Grammar Headquarters, a meeting is taking place:

Liz: “Hi, My name is Liz. I’m here for excessive use of the exclamation point.” 
All: “Hi. Liz!”
Laura Lee: “Hi, My name is Laura Lee. I’m also here for excessive use of the exclamation point.”
All: “Hi, Laura Lee!”
Paula: “Hi. My name is Paula and I’m…here for excessive use of the ellipsis.”
All: “Hi…Paula”

I freaking love the ellipsis. 
I’m about 99% sure that I misuse it 99% of the time. 
It’s like I think the rules of grammar don’t apply to me when it comes to the ellipsis. 
Oh, well.
At least, I’m not wearing a monogrammed Union suit. 
Or a cheetah pajama suit.
Because that would really be something.

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